Mail: Sleeping With 80 Other Men In A Stinking Pitch Black Room Next To Torpedoes


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Just to point out that the book Sub by Danny Danziger, that this article is based on, is being reviewed for RR by Subsunk and will be up on the review site soon.
The Mail online seems to be really pushing this. The second story in a couple of days - there is already a thread running - Stinking Submariners or similar. Maybe a thread merge needed?

Anyway, a couple of nice shots of a boat wearing a paying off pennant! And some more journalistic rubbish.

Plenty on here could provide gritty realistic (?) tales of life onboard a submarine. Just a thought.


A chum of mine (a civvy) often tries to wind me up about my time in boats (Long periods of routine but interspersed with several interesting 'incidents' which still sometimes wake me up in a cold sweat).

The fact is that very recently he had to attend for a full body scan; but as his legs and hips were introduced into the 'tube' he lost it totally and had to be bailed out. Heavily sedated, he cracked it at the next attempt a few days later.

I am still wondering how to mention it/tackle him about it/ignore it when I next meet up with him

If I wind him up I stand to to risk upsetting a very good friend (ex Old Bill who has seen enough nasties to make this incident surprising, to say the least).

Apart from drawing his attention to this article/book - Are there any (sensible) suggestions out there, please?

Tell him not to worry, even kids get frightened in those things. :wink:
To be honest, lots of people react that way, even some roughie toughie rugby internationals.
I know cos I was there.
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