Mail: "Shop At Ikea And Cut Back On Your Cleaners, MoD Orders Top Brass"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. wave_dodger

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    Oh dear me, we're back here again. So let's see, a quick scan of the Daily Wail's comments show that 99% are semi-illiterate opinionated chumps who have little or no grasp of reality.

    Lets take CDS, he gets approx £250k per year for running what is in effect a large global enterprise - the responsibility for it all lies with him and him alone. I for one think that salary isn't particularly spectacular, so now having already eroded everyones (inc CDS) allowances, they want to chip away at the additional benefits - the retinues etc.

    Clearly none of the Wails readers realise the hours these people put in, the additional out of hours commitments they have which include a very real need to host foreign VIPs. If these people were working with comparable hours/responsibilities in commerce their renumeration package would dwarf what we pay them and I don't begrudge what the top industry figures get paid because by and large they deliver the goods, as typically do our senior figures.

    I'm all for making savings and efficiencies but I simply don't think this is a viable or sensible area - it may appeal to the Mails readership and the old crones down the Legion (club/dole...) - but all it will do is make some career decisions very easy for some of our brighter more able Officers who are ascending the promotion ladder, they will choose a civilian second career and MoD loses out.

    Political pandering at its shots
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