Mail: "Sea Of Love: Royal Navy Crew Spell Out Valentine's Message On The Deck"


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"The crew of a Royal Navy destroyer send out Valentine's message to their loved ones back home by forming a red heart on the warship's flight deck.

The message saying 'I Love You' was formed by sailors aboard HMS Daring as the Type 45 destroyer heads back to its home base of Portsmouth, Hampshire, having spent nine months on deployment - one of the navy's longest missions."

Sea of love: Royal Navy crew spell out Valentine's message on the deck of their destroyer as they return from nine month mission | Mail Online


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"Members of HMS Somerset’s crew have come up with a new way to give a personal touch to Valentine’s Day this year.

Whilst patrolling in the Middle East members of the Ship's company and embarked forces took time out of their busy schedule to send messages home for Valentine’s Day.

A giant heart was lovingly crafted by the ME department and the images taken by the ships photographer to add a personalised touch to the messages home."

HMS Somerset shares the love on Valentine's Day | Wells Journal

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