Mail: "Royal Navy Seizes 1.25 Tonnes Of Cocaine Worth £60 million From Speedboat"

Discussion in 'RFA' started by soleil, Jan 29, 2014.

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    "More than a tonne of cocaine worth £60million has been seized from a speedboat in the Caribbean in an operation involving the Royal Navy, the Ministry of Defence said today.

    The 1.25 tonnes of the Class A drug seized last week had a UK wholesale value of more than £60million, but the street value would have topped £300million.

    The crew of Royal Fleet Auxiliary Naval Support Ship RFA Wave Knight, along with a US Coast Guard patrol aircraft, forced a speedboat suspected of drug smuggling to stop in international waters south of the Dominican Republic during the night of January 22."

    Royal Navy seizes 1.25 TONNES of cocaine worth £60million from speedboat in the Caribbean | Mail Online
  2. She's on a bit of a roll!

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