Mail: "Royal Navy Seamen Return Home To Families In Emotional Scenes"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. Used to be a Captain at ST Vincent called Alan Aldous, wonder if he was any relation?? Looks like from the comments!!! That they are not impressed with a 6month deployment:winkrazz: ps my F in L 30 months Far East on HMS Belfast:notworthy:
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  2. 6 Months ,only 6 months,is that the norm nowadays or was this cut back from the 9 months i did twice ,and not forgetting the 12 months when i did my first windys deployment as a very young innocente JS,and before anyone trys to score ******* brownie points by ripping me to pieces,**** of cos this is a gen question from one who has been out quite a while,:)
  3. They don't get as many "port visits" as you used to get!

    It was covered on spotlight or some such news program last night, the result of which spawned an interesting comment made to me today:
    Her point basically was that the RN should teach the army how to do things, due to the fact they have just finished yet another 6 month mission with no casualties what so ever. I smiled and said its always a good tour if no one dies.

    Obviously I treated it as some attempt at a bite but the young lady did not push it so I did wonder, if it was a real point of view then these PR stories must be painting the senior service a good light!. Better add she is Cornish (before anyone says anything).
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Scouse, are you talking about the Cdr Alan Aldous (UY and Gunnery Officer) who was Cdr in HMS Newfoundland 1955-6?
  5. piccy of him here 7/50
    Page 2 « 1962 | HMS St Vincent
  6. Ta very much tentoes for the gen reply,and whilst i am on here does anybody remember the "Biara Patrol" ,3 friggin months steaming up and down the east coast of africa,i did this twice,saved loads of dosh only to blow it all in Singers,

  7. Aye and your mailies dropped from one of these relics, happy days. On returning to Singers I remember our skipper saying that no one would be in the shit on their first night ashore unless you murdered someone or something similar.

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  8. Yes remember it all too well.
  9. Good aircraft , the 'Shack'
  10. Aye it was a case of 'away the noo the seaboats crew'. The crabs did a good job, as I recall we only had one canister of mail that did not land well.
  11. Oh yea happy days,i remember a welsh JS who never ever ever got mail,i felt so sorry for the little shit that i let him read some of my love letters from a long gone ex girl friend,sure he used to take them down the heads and knock one off, :),believe me they were pretty steamy,**** me she was a goer,ah well back to me coffee and taking in the rays,phewww + 25 ,suns out and you lot are freezeing in the good ole UK,:)
  12. Been done before Tommo and nobody was impressed then!!!!:toothy3: Ps you would think that a 2badge Killick would have found a cap to fit after 8years lol
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  13. That POGI (or POAWW in modern speak) needs to sort his lid out as well. One of the main reasons IMO that deployments only last for an average of 6 months is that there are no overseas pussers bases left to pull into. Bermuda (Malabar), HK (Terror), Malta (St Angelo) etc have all gone now so it's down to which commercial port will let you in.
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  14. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I think the lack of jollies is more down to the fact our deployments are more operationally focused and we need to be at sea to be on task. Plus most visits now are working visits and geared towards Influence work.

    Also we are seeding more ships returning from deployment and having a short recovery phase before being back on the regeneration cycle for deployment.

    It would be interesting to see the data on length of deployments vs frequency.
  15. Where the shacks go to die ... Pathos airport in Cyprus

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