Mail: Royal Navy Keeps Old Offshore Patrol Ships It Was Due To Retire For Post-Brexit Coastline Protection


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"The Royal Navy is to keep old ships it was due to decommission to ensure it has enough vessels to police Britain's borders after Brexit.

Ageing offshore patrol vessels had been due to be scrapped next year after replacements are commissioned.

But both Batch 1 and Batch 2 ships will now stay in service, except for one of the old ships, HMS Severn, which has already been decommissioned last year.

Rear Admiral Chris Gardner, assistant chief of naval staff ships and chief naval logistics officer, said the fleet could 'absolutely' play a critical role protecting the borders.


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Reading through the article, it contradicts itself. Title and first few paragraphs say they are being kept but further on says the Navy would like to keep them and has contingency plans in case the government approve the plan.

But it is the Wail