Mail: "RN Lt Who Accidentally Allowed Yacht To Collide With Tanker Faces Fine+Costs"

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by soleil, Oct 26, 2013.

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    What happened to sail before steam...:pissedoff:
  2. Think they have the 'N' and the 'U' the wrong way round.
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  3. Well thats what 'appens when you get selected for occifer cos you 'av a degree:compress:
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  4. Ironically he says 'experience is more important than paper qualifications' in regards to having no yachting quals. To be fair I went out in the solent once with the University team and I couldn't steer the thing so that was the start and end of a career recreationally yachting for me, thankfully we never managed to collide with a gigantic bright red tanker- can see how he didn't see it though, quite subtle.
  5. I watched him on the news last night.

    Total arrogance. Or at least that is the way he came over.
  6. I used to do a lot of sailing and one of the dits was 'the two most useless things to have on a yacht are an umbrella and a Navl Officer' - QED.
  7. A bloody Schoolie! Now there's a branch we could do without!

    "Nothing in these Rules shall interfere with the operation of special rules..."

    Hopefully it will be useful lesson for all of those yachties who think that power gives way to sail every time!
  8. Is that what you would call a school boy error, an expensive one at that. Haha hehe Hoho.

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  9. Cheers for that dits- remind us how long you've been in the RN for? I'm guessing probably not long enough to have any credibility in implying that the chap is a 'KNUT'. Just wait until you get through Raleigh- blokes of his ilk will be the ones sending you out to polish flats; which by your logic would make you lower than a KNUT. A depressing thought indeed....
  10. Funny how idiotic things always happen to other people.
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  11. Cracking first post Campy.

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  12. Well to be fair the word is on the side of the ship he crashed in to, it was just blindingly obviously close to that word, made no reference to him whatsoever although I see why it may appear that way. Perhaps if I had said 'oh look they have embezzled his name on the side of that unrelated vessel he happened to crash into if you switched a few of the letters around'. Anyway ignoring sailing regs is the solent is wreckless and crashing into such an obviously large vessel is somewhat ridiculous. Not saying that that itself impinges on his abilities as an officer as like you said omgz i 'avent served yet!1!1 but for anyone that's a bit ya know...

    Welcome to the boards though, even though it was posted to abuse me it was a cracker!
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  13. Just because he has the authority to detail ratings off to scrub flats does not make him any less of a KNUT.:angry1:
    Nice name, wonder how many of us will make guesses at your sexual preferences:confused2:
  15. Thanks, I've always enjoyed watching the Italian Job, but please don't let that get in the way of a Sunday afternoon's amusement for you....
  16. What, as opposed to being a well informed and measured contributor of the ilk found elsewhere on this site? My apologies for ruining the metaphorical circle jerk over this chap being weighed and measured. Do carry on....
  17. Thank you Sir.:salute:
  18. You are the RN Lt who hit the KNUT and I claim the £5
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