Mail: "RM told to cover up 'offensive' regimental tattoo"

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Mail: "RM told to cover up 'offensive' regimental tattoo

    Hmmn, not like the Daily Wail to get it wrong with regards the Royal Marines & Royal Navy. :wink:
  2. Re: Mail: "RM told to cover up 'offensive' regimental tattoo

    That tattoo looks very sharp and, clearly, could be used to take over the aircraft or accidentally injure a fellow passenger. I wonder what the frisk floosie’s reaction would have been if he’d instantly drawn a cork on the end of it?

    As ever, some of the readers’ comments are priceless.
  3. Re: Mail: "RM told to cover up 'offensive' regimental tattoo

    What happened to the tattoo the skull pierced with the commando dagger dripping blood and Royal Marine Commando underneath. That would have got her nickers in a twist no problem.
  4. Couldn't he have gotten a bigger dagger done? It's not like it's obvious is it? :roll: 8O :lol:
  5. Seen a few dagger tats, but that's kicking the a*se out of it
  6. Re: Mail: "RM told to cover up 'offensive' regimental tattoo

    How is it offensive? At least he hasn't got his name on his arm like most of the local pondlife round here, just in case they forget how to spell it I assume.
  7. Re: Mail: "RM told to cover up 'offensive' regimental tattoo

    Your chavs have their names spelled correctly on their tattoos?

    Obviously a posh area.

    Edit: Which reminds me, there was a cook (as they were then) on my first ship who was a bit of a 'rockabilly' or whatever. One of his forearms informed the world that 'Buddy Holey lives'.
  8. It would be a bit more relevant to have a tattoo of a bottle opener, crossed with a roll mat, and a prescription for penicillin as the motto.

    Or get a tat of a Leatherman with a fortnight of rationpack residue on the blade.
  9. Re: Mail: "RM told to cover up 'offensive' regimental tattoo

    Well it is leafy Surrey, upper class pikeys and chavs
  10. One hell of a chad tat and i'm sure it should be the other way up...
  11. No, it's that way up for when he's pointing at airplanes or holding his arm 'like that'.
  12. Re: Mail: "RM told to cover up 'offensive' regimental tattoo

    Lol.. I stand corrected!
  13. My leatherman was / is always immaculate, bottle opener surplus to requirements (see leatherman) and replace roll mat with baby doll nightie plus a pair of fly's eyes..!

    Now then JJ what would your tat be? Would you walt it up with a commando dagger?
  14. How very dare you; I don't need your little trinkets. As a Major-Colonel-Brigadier in the LoF I have all the kudos I need. Anyway there's no room for more body art as I have a full body tat of the Tellytubby 'Tinky Winky'.
  15. I'm strangely aroused...

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