Mail: "One For Hovering Buyers: Harrier Jump Jet For Sale"





"An RAF Harrier jump jet that was once used by the RAF in the Falklands is being advertised for sale on a second-hand car website.

The 1976 Hawker Harrier GR3 has also been used by the RAF in Germany and Belize but was last flown in 1990.

The plane has spent the past 22 years in a heated building at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire where it was used for instructional purposes."

RAF Harrier jump jet that flew over Falklands is for sale on used car website | Mail Online
Are you on commission, Soleil?

Wrecker, fortunately I never had to cram myself into the GR3. Admittedly the T4 was similar but it was less cluttered with crap and the SHAR was, of course, much better again. The trouble with not having done the GR3 'thing' with the Crabs is that I never really got to know how the moving map and their inertial kit worked. Seeing as it was the same stuff as we had in the RN T4s that was sometimes a bit embarrassing, especially when I went to 899 as an instructor and had no idea how to get the map jobber to do its thing :-(

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