Mail on Sunday: "Ten Of The Greatest Battlefield Tactics"

labrum said:
Sunday obviously not a news day then... This piece will save pusser a bob or two save attending all those courses!

Apologies, Labrum, scraping the barrel RN/RM newswise this weekend ..........
Re: Mail on Sunday: "Ten Of The Greatest Battlefield Tactics

Alexander defeating Darius where he rode away from the battle to the flanks and when Darius followed it left a great hole in the center for his shock troops.
Sheer Genius and still taught in Military schools.
Shaka Amazulu's tactics of the great buffalo attack from the center and the horns on the flanks envelope you,conquered all Natal and the Cape province with this revolutionary tactic.
Scipios defeat of Hannibal on the African plains,Romans fighting as they should with a great leader after so many defeats with poor,but rich,leaders.

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