Mail: "Navy Landed With £2million Bill As 'War Games' Are Torpedoed By The French"

They were told the enemy forces were the Germans so as history states they thought they would let the British take charge whist they sat back and smoked camel dung!

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The Sunday Times, 13/10/2013:

"BRITAIN has pulled out of its biggest training exercise in the Middle East for more than a decade amid claims that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) took the decision to save money.

About 1,600 Royal Marines were next month scheduled to land on Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, from 10 Royal Navy warships as part of a test of the new Anglo-French rapid reaction force. However, late last month, military chiefs suddenly cancelled the exercise.

The amphibious landing, codenamed Exercise Djibouti Lion, was intended to mark the end of a four-month deployment around the Middle East by a naval task force.

“We were told it [the cancellation] is simple cost-cutting,” said a navy source. “Everyone is disappointed because the big landing exercise would have been a great way to finish the deployment. The French are not happy.”

The exercise would have seen 3 Commando Brigade, including 42 and 30 Commando, moved ashore by landing craft and Sea King helicopters. Once there, they would have worked with French troops in live-fire exercises in Djibouti’s desert.

The task force, codenamed Cougar 13, left Britain in August and carried out exercises in Albania before moving through the Suez Canal in September. Since then, the marines and about 3,000 sailors have been staging a series of small training exercises with Jordanian, Saudi, Omani and UAE forces.

The landings in Djibouti would have been the largest British drill in the Middle East since Exercise Saif Sareea in 2001 saw 22,000 personnel dispatched to Oman. Preparations began a year ago and a team of Royal Marines logistic experts and firing range safety staff were already in the country when the drill was abandoned.

The Cougar 13 task force has suffered the effects of cost-cutting. It has just three Sea King transport helicopters to support its marines despite HMS Illustrious, the task force’s flagship, having room for 22.

A MoD spokesman denied the exercise had been cancelled due to “issues related to insufficient funds or a lack of fuel” and instead cited unspecified “administrative issues”.

“While the intent was to exercise with French forces in Djibouti as part of an ongoing programme of engagements, agreement could not be reached on some administrative issues in time,” he said. “The Cougar Task Group is designed to be versatile and flexible and continues to conduct a full programme of exercises and defence engagement.” "
From what I was being told a fortnight back, france waned £2 million from us to carry out the exercise and we offered £250,000 instead, the frogs didn't like it, so the exercise was cancelled and I don't have to go to that shithole again and instead I am now going home early. As for Sea Kanjah, what a waste of time that was, spent more time in civies than in rig and the UAE rocked up late as to make no difference to the exercise from what I saw.


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So the net of this is we say effing useless Frogs and they say Perfide Albion! Plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose.
I would imagine that Adml George is particularly poxed off; First Sea Lord speech at RUSI Conference announcing next Lightning II squadron| Royal Navy

I wonder what "bloody Frogs" is in Greek?


Huge exercise beached by lack of MoD funds | The Sunday Times

a navy source. “Everyone is disappointed because the big landing exercise would have been a great way to finish the deployment. The French are not happy.”
The French are not happy? Somebody in Truth Central needs broadcast the, err, um, truth with all despatch. Ah, bugger; today's Sunday.
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To be honest I think the MOD/France has done Royal a favour.

Last time I was there, as we tied-up for a fuel-stop at Djibouti we were greeted with the sight of a locals' bare arse as he curled one down on the jetty.

It set the tone of the place and it went downhill thereafter.


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The word from the HQ out here is that it was the Djibouti Government's demands for millions that scuppered the exercise.


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‘Djibouti had been chosen to stage the amphibious landing because there was nowhere in Britain big enough for so many Marines to come ashore.’

has no one from the planning group visited the Northumbrian coast at all then?
The Royal Navy had spent £1m in fuel getting to the Red Sea when the operation was called off.And it cost another £1m to reach the Gulf of Oman, where a new exercise was hastily arranged for the Marines
So it cost £1M to get from Spithead to off Djibouti, about 4K and a bit sea miles. From there to the Gulf of Oman, about 1K and a bit sea miles, will cost £1M? Has somebody been messing around with BFIS (BULK FUEL INVENTORY SOLUTION)?

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