Mail: "MoD Loses A Staggering 340 Laptops In Two Years"

As usual though, only half the story from the Daily Wail.

How many staff members in each Ministry were issued with laptops etc - I wouldn't mind betting that the picture if presenbted proportionally would look very different.

It doesn't make the overall number (and cost) any more palatable but it would put witch-hunting on more of a level playing field I suspect.


Lantern Swinger
Call me cynical but what's in it for Lewis Comunications? A Technology and PR consultancy.

Oh look they appear to be offering PR consultancy on how to handle data loss and social networking issues :roll:

As to the report as always balanced and well measured by the Mail!

How many of those items containing data held;
a. UK PM material?
b. Personal information as identified under DPA?

If they were holding this data were they encrypted or not?

If they were encrypted then its just the cost of replacing the laptop/device to be worried about.
If they were not then there is a very good chance that it would have been reported already in the press.

Bit of a non story 'Huge multinational loses IT hardware through loss and theft' would not have the same ring, and it is far worse in the corporate sectors. Slow news day so lets bring back the spectre of Government incompetence in the handling of our secrets.
Of course it gives the security vendors chance to say how much better off the world would be if you use their hardware/software/consultancy 'skills'.
Me cynical, never. IT security is what pays the mortgage so long may these scaremongering reports come out at approx 6 monthly intervals. 8)
When I was an Infosec Manager I loved these kind of articles. Great copy and paste jobs onto our intranet site to scare .. oops...educate ....our users.
:oops: Wouldnt be an takers, from the IT whizz kid/ scallys on Bottle Market, for those Encrypted beautys, but their would be loads of laptop batterys going spare in the pubs :wink: :wink: :wink: