Mail: "Lord Ashcroft On The Tales Of Valour Behind The VC"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Read this one early Sol. That Ashcroft fella is pretty sound, when the Army museum got robbed of all it's VC's over here not so long ago he fronted up the money to get them back.
  2. When you come down to it, medals are just lumps of metal and ribbon. One could even say that if you've seen one VC, you've seen them all. It's the people and the deeds the medals represent that are important. This is why Lord Ashcroft's research team has gone to great pains to contact family members, parent units and historians to gather background information and photos of the recipients and ascertain the facts behind the awards. This data will be displayed alongside the medals and should make for an awe-inspiring exhibition. Don't miss it.
  3. Re: Mail: "Lord Ashcroft On The Tales Of Valour Behind The V

    Grew up in a village with a VC winner from WW1, saved 12 men from no mans land as a stretcher bearer and deserved it,modest and unassuming man and was always known as VC Young, never his first name.
    I didn't know that all VC winners never pay for a drink in any pub they visit,or at least they didn't on Tyneside but I heard it was a regular decision countrywide.
    When I left school and the farm wasn't doing enough to support two families I briefly went down the pit,at the bottom of the shaft was the timekeeper who was scarred with mustard gas.
    He was on the other end of the stretcher when Young won the VC, he,although scarred on face and in lungs didn't get any award!
    How can that be?both went out to rescue men,one got the highest award,the other nothing.
    He never moaned or mentioned it,they were both pals from way back and that's how it ended up.
    He told me the men saved were the most important thing not the medals.
    Two brave men.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Medals aren't always about bravery, that is the catalyst for them but when it comes to dishing them out the pen is mightier than the sword. No flowing commentary, no medal.

    A little bit of thread drift if I may. Afghanistan. Bootnecks clip an Apache to their belt kit and off they go. 4 pongo's driving the things get awards, so does the Pongo who clipped one to his belt......Fair play, well deserved. 3 Booties who clipped them to their belts, nothing.
  5. New revelations regarding the security, or rather the lack of it at the NZ Army Museum and the incredible seeming lack of inerest in recovering MCs stolen or 'lost' up to 30 years ago.
    TV One News clip

    Synopsis. Two NZ WWI Veterans complete sets of medals, both of which had MCs included, have been discovered to be missing during a stocktake of the NZ Army MUseum Collection. Last seen 30 years ago.
    Bare bones of the story revealed in March and Army said it would search for the medals and surviving relatives, results "We can't find the medals or any relatives."
    TV One News puts in a FOIA chit to get more details and after a bit of rooting around finds one set of medals in the hands of an Australian collector who bought them honestly. Also find the daughter of one of the recipients alive and well in California with an NZ Passport.
    Cue embarrased Army Officers mumbling their thanks and looking daft. :roll:
  6. He had the honour of being E Company Commander so of course he's sound :wink:

    I'd always believed that all V.C.'s were cast from Russian cannon bronze until Wiki enlightened me >
  7. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Who, Lord Ashcroft?
  8. Of course he is - a thoroughly honourable gentleman - that is why he is doing these great deeds. Nothing at all to do with him trying to deflect his lack of UK tax liability.
  9. Comes as a surprise to me too. The article doesn't specify whether the variation is chronological; would be interesting to know more about why it changed (that's if a variety of sources were used from the off).

    Edited to add: Followed the reference link on Wikipedia; gives further details...

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