Mail: "Iraqi Sues Ministry Of Defence To Stop British Soldiers Shouting"

Lord Justice Lloyd Jones, sitting with Lord Justice Moore-Bick, gave him permission to appeal, saying: ‘I have real concerns as to whether Mr Ali Hussein has standing to bring these proceedings.
Good to know that the national wig wearers have our national interest at heart. It also drums up trade for other chaps in their, err, trade. Quite a few briefs will take a shiner to that one.

An MoD spokesman said: ‘We are disappointed that permission has been granted by the Court of Appeal. We are satisfied that the challenging approach is lawful and is subject to strict controls and safeguards".
Too bloody right!
Ok, how about, please, pretty please, will you chappies kindly desist from creating a distubance. Bloody legal beagles make my blood boil with their stupid decisions.
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