Mail: HMS Illustrious - A New Lease Of Life As Luxury Yacht/Disaster Relief Ship

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Jan 15, 2014.

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    "British aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious could continue its life as a disaster relief ship - despite getting a radical makeover as a luxury yacht.

    Bold plans have reimagined the 31-year-old vessel, which leaves Royal Navy service later this year, as the 'Commonwealth Yacht' with three modern 'sails' containing bedrooms, restaurants and conference suites towering above deck.

    Yet below deck the 23,000-tonne vessel could still contain a hospital, heavy-duty trucks and equipment to help in a global disaster, designers claim."

    Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious could become luxury yacht AND disaster relief ship | Mail Online
  2. It could also become one huge useless pile of scrap metal. I'm sure these fantasists have absolutely no idea how much it cost to keep a hull, any hull, afloat.
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  3. Its ok. They obviously have deep pockets they can afford civvy Ospreys.

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  4. They will have a shock when they see the bedrooms on 6 deck. Ive been in 6 Hotel and you can't polish a turd!

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  5. Oh yes. Because what the rich and spoilt really really want in a yacht is a good chance that their expensive holiday is going to be interrrupted by a mad dash to the scene of some disaster. Where would they get their Evian replenishment in the Phillipines after a hurricane?
  6. You're not thinking it fully out it's a great idea. The Brangelina's of the world get a luxury apt anchored off some disaster shithole from which they can copter in for press calls with poorly black babies and still be back in six star A/c luxury within the hour for expresso with George Clooney. Really don't know why we don't offer a package like that now on the 45's
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