Mail: "First Of RAF’s £9 Billion Stealth Fighter Fleet To Land On HMS Queen Elizabeth During Trump Visit In July"


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"Britain will put on a display of military might when Donald Trump visits next month – with a flypast of its American-made fighter planes.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is drawing up plans for the US President to watch the first of the RAF’s £9 billion stealth fighter fleet land on new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

But because the F-35 Lightning IIs were developed by American firm Lockheed Martin, the Ministry of Defence is considering adding a display by the Red Arrows for a more ‘patriotic’ touch.


Details of the display for Mr Trump have not been revealed, but it is likely to be at Portsmouth, where HMS Queen Elizabeth is based."


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Some green dope in a microlight type thing did a protest fly past at Turnbury. He was lucky that ScotPlod didn’t shoot him down. That would have made good television.

F35? I don’t know.

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