Mail: Ex-Wife Exposes 'Walter Mitty Marine' At Cenotaph

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Why do they do it?

    There should be a law against this, make them march with the RAF Regt or something.
  2. Sad sad little man.

    PS Sol why are you up trawling the Daily Mail website at such an ungodly hour?
  3. What I want to know is ...who the Fook are the guys in the orange forage caps in the article phot? Cloggies?
    And why's she dripping she should be grateful anyone married her with a fizzog like that.
  4. High quality walt. I can only concur with RC; a very sad man - he obviously believes his own story...
  5. NZB

    hope this helps

  6. His new wife added that he had medals for ‘Northern Ireland, the South Antarctic and In the Service of Peace’

    Rare gong that South Antarctic one. Never seen it before.
  7. STC was used for that one, I've seen it on their honours list
  8. an ex-crab (only 5 years sorry), I feel like a Walt when I say I was in the Forces. But after reading what these people get up to I don't feel so bad.
  9. His missus looks like she might have been a bootneck, I wouldn't like to fight her. 8O
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    A Chap on my Underwater Knife Fighting Course had it. He was a bloke called Dinger. Apparantly, there were only three issued. The third recipient is some bloke called Jim Shorrt.

    (MODs, can this be moved to the Walt sticky in Lil's please?)
  11. Well pinged that man, can just make out their cap badge now you mention it, the usual subdued and tasteful colour scheme from the Seppos. :roll: :wink:
    Must make a visit to the optician.
  12. Why, have they got a cure for having a small cock!? :p
  13. No but with glasses he might stand a chance of finding it. :D
  14. Small c0ck, the ferkin' cheek!!
    2 1/2 inches keeps the ladies happy, I can tell you! :oops:
  15. A 'Smallee Portion' indeed.
  16. They are former USMC and I met a few of them in the Silver Cross post Cenotaph marching and they were a good laugh. They had a few of our Royals with them in tow and we share a few good bevvies. :lol:

    Edited to add: Just seen the other replies and sorry for duplication. :oops:
  17. Not a problem, beats reading NZB's frankly sad denial with regard to his small member... :roll: :p
  18. im a walt i have the South Atlantic Medal but i cant march

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