Mail: "Courage That Defies Belief... And Why We Owe All Of Our Victoria Cross Heroes"


Bloody good effort all round if this is sorted out.

Commonwealth War Commission graves usually upheld well, but it's privately established headstones that suffer the most.

A close family member of mine has been undertaking a project for the past 8 years to record and commemorate every Canadian soldier (WWI ) buried in the UK, with another 5 years work to go. Somewhat to do with an interest sparked whilst she was studying Canadian history during her degree, in part in remembrance of my grandfather (French Canadian) who served for over 20 years (WWII and beyond)...........I accompanied her on one trip; we found one grave left without anyone tending to it and there are plenty more. Hugely touching experience to be able to acknowledge these men.

As an aside - Wonderful exhibition on the 4th floor of the Imperial War Museum dedicated to all VC recipients - well worth a visit.
A great many grave yards around the country are becoming overgrown and unkept. Many of the countries heroes are buried in local village graveyards and not dedicated war graves. As a result they are being forgotten as generations lose the connection to their relations.

It took a complaint from an American to get the Historic church yard on Portland to get the English Churches heritage group to fund it's upkeep.
Interesting fact about the Highland Rd cemetrey holding the most VC graves in the world. A few hundered yards up the road. Have to make a visit.
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