Mail: "Can You Tell What It Is Yet? HMS Queen Elizabeth Starts To Take Shape"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. Huge sections of new Navy carrier joined together

  2. "Getting the weight and centre of gravity right is really important when it comes to arranging for sections to be safely lifted – or moved by barge. We weigh each section at least three times to make sure the readings are accurate."

    It's a pity they didn't give the same amount as to how they are going to launch aircraft from it! Don't you just love the MOD
  3. tam


    When will they be fitting the belt armour? From what I saw on the television the hull looks to be about as thick as a bean tin.
  4. Might be a bone question but not being much of a shipwright can anyone tell me how the different sections are held together.

    Obviously I know they're welded together but is this strong enough alone. I always recall in the past that they "laid the keel" and figured that this gave the hull much of it's strength. Does this not happen on modern ships?

    Standing by for jokes of maskers, chewing gum and a few cable ties.
  5. It's not a joke!
  6. Having been part of the T45 design process and witnessing some of the sections being joined, it is pretty brutal!

    Even with modern CAD design etc, obviously the two sections to be mated are NEVER 100% equal. So, they butt them up (stop sniggering at the back) until most of the edges are touching. They then weld on eyeplates either side of the joins and attach bottle screws, cables, winches and anything else that can be used to pull, push, drag or lift the edges together. Then they start welding every single join externally and internally. I think (I'm not a Naval Architect) that a lot of the strength these days comes from the fact that so much has already been assembled, providing structural integrity. On T45 even the accommodation (bunk spaces, cabins etc) was in the blocks prior to final asembly - literally plug and pray, sorry, play! Just connect power and water.

    The chewing gum is only used as a last resort if the water cannot be stopped coming in any other way.

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