Mail: "Britain's 'Invisible' Stealth Fighter That Has Cost The Taxpayer £1.3 billion"


"The so-called stealth jet costing the MoD billions of pounds can, in fact, be seen by the radar of potential enemies, it has been revealed.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been designed at huge expense to fly unnoticed through enemy airspace and attack targets without being detected.

Taxpayers have already spent £1.3 billion developing the jet, while the MoD plans to buy 48 of them at a cost of up to £100 million each."

Britain's £1.3bn 'invisible' stealth fighter | Mail Online


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Why is this thread in the Gash Barge?
Because it's rubbish?

We've had twenty-five years of this story, ever since somebody noticed that F-117s could be seen and tracked at useful ranges by lower-frequency radars (1022 on Type 42s, for example) and therefore 'stealth doesn't work'.

Trouble is, the full answer isn't a short snappy soundbite and demands a decent understanding of physics and weapon systems - so no chance of a journalist sitting through it, let alone understanding it and reporting it correctly.


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Whether for small or big ticket kit: those procuring it, the tax payer and the end user have to accept that it'll be out of date before its in service date. The Mail either doesn't understand or just wants to populate the outrage bus. Some ignorant posters will be buying tickets.


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you jest of course!!!! More like selective editing by a Mod.....put it back where it belongs in the FAA ...end of :|
I don't take orders from you, Sir. It's a gash story in the Gash Barge. As was the raft race one.

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