Mail: "Britain Will Be Without Any Fully-Working Carriers Until 2030, MPs Warn"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Biggest white elephants ever !!!!
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  3. The aircraft carriers being built for the Royal Navy will be less useful, take longer to finish, and likely cost more than claimed, a parliamentary watchdog warns. WE told you so a long while ago ffs!
  4. And your alternative for protecting the fleet/amphibious force against air attack (à la Falklands which is still a painful memory for many of us) and providing ISTAR and a flexible, proactive and reactive strike capability in remote parts of the world where convenient host nation support is unavailable is?

    If you watched the Committee of Public Accounts hearings, you will know what a tenuous grasp Margaret Hodge, the Chairwoman, has of the issues involved.
  5. About time you realised that our membership of the world's police force is very minimal, as our stretched forces will atest. Continual waste and non interest in our military from the days of Roy Jenkins will out. These carriers are a waste of resources,it will be years before even 1 is considered as part of the UK's armoury, To expect that to cover all these remote areas etc is a bloody pipe dream. As for the Falklands, yes I remember it well, after all our air support and the poor old Hermes was pretty well the result of carrier policy in the 60's. Its only the cancellation of Labour's contracts and the possible get out cost that has kept this whimsy going.
  6. MoD Comment:

    Both the National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee today published reports on the MOD's Carrier Strike capability. Several media sources have reported on inaccurate claims that a full Carrier Strike capability will not be achieved until 2030.

    This is not true. The more capable Carrier variant of the Joint Strike Fighter fast jet will begin operating from our aircraft carrier from 2020, with six UK jets available for operations. By 2023, this number will increase to 12 UK jets onboard and we will be able to work with our allies to increase that number because of the interoperability that the Carrier variant Joint Strike Fighter allows.

    Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: "We are tackling the inherited black hole in the Defence Budget and, earlier this month, the National Audit Office [NAO] rightly recognised the work that this Government is undertaking to bring the Department's finances back into balance.

    "When this Government came into power, the Queen Elizabeth Class carriers were already £1.6bn over budget. As part of an overall package of measures taken in the Strategic Defence and Security Review we have reduced overall spending on the Carrier Strike Programme by £4.4bn over the next ten years.

    "The NAO and the Public Accounts Committee have both acknowledged that our decision to build a second aircraft carrier makes financial sense. Converting one of the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers to operate the more capable Carrier variant of the Joint Strike Fighter fast jet from 2020 will maximise our military capability and enhance interoperability with our allies.

    "Operating the more cost effective Carrier variant fast jet will, in the long term, offset the conversion costs and provide us with aircraft that have a longer range and carry a greater payload. Until our new Carrier capability comes into service, we can utilise our extensive basing and overflight rights to project decisive air power, as we showed during the Libya campaign."
  7. Hodgey calls a spade a spade , and has blamed both governments, for short term cost cutting, for long term expense.
    Rather than two carriers, available from 2016 and 2018, at a cost of £3.65bn, we will now spend more than £6bn, get one operational carrier and have no aircraft carrier capability until 2020”
    End Quote Margaret Hodge Committee chair
  8. Given Ms Hodges' sensitivities, I suspect that she'd find that particular turn of phrase highly offensive!

    Seriously - by the time Gordon (and to be fair, others in MoD) had finished f8cking around with the programme we were never going to to get the IOC by 2016 and 2018, largely because the aircraft programme had backed the wrong horse. The ships are actually the lowest risk part of the project now and the timelines are driven by availability of the aircraft and aircrew, which btw can be changed if we really need to - albeit at a price and not at very short notice.

    Anybody from Liebour criticising the current state of the programme should have a very serious look at what actually happened post-SDR98, particularly in the years 2000-2007 and should then be given a stiff ignoring.
  9. .

    What really amuses me is that the Tory Party's "own" newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, has somehow "forgotten" to report this story.

    No wonder the carriers keep getting delayed.


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