Mail: Bravery Medal Awarded To HMS Ardent's Canteen Manager To Be Auctioned


War Hero
John Leake's DSM citation in the London Gazette 8 October 1982

Petty Officer John Steven LEAKE D197741A
Petty Officer Leake originally joined HMS ARDENT as a civilian
NAAFI Canteen Manager. On the declaration of Active Service
he volunteered to enrol as a Petty Officer on 15th May 1982.
On 21st May 1982 HMS ARDENT came under heavy attack by
Argentine aircraft. Using his previous Army training, Petty Officer
Leake was stationed as a machine gunner. Throughout the air
attacks he remained cool and calm even though the ship was being
hit by bombs and cannon fire. He fired large quantities of accurate
tracer at the attackers and inflicted damage on a Skyhawk. His
courage, steadfastness and total disregard for his own safety undoubtedly
saved the ship from many further attacks and was an
inspiration to all those in the vicinity.
A Can Man of action indeed.
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