Mail: "BehinD The Scenes With The British Pilots Learning To Fly F-35 Fighter Jet"

And with all the photos captioned 'pilots climbing into the F-15' good work again daily mail.

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The bits I like are;
This model is designed to take off and land vertically, like the Harrier jump jet, but can also fly backwards
Wow! backwards; there's a first.

It can fly at Mach 1.6 – faster than the speed of sound

That must have surprised a few Mail readers.

Although plagued by the usual bolloxspeak,
UK expertise leads the way in defence programme | Mail Online is interesting.

Much of this technology in the B model aircraft is British. At Fort Worth in Texas, where Lockheed Martin pieces together F-35s, lines of aircraft in various stages of construction dominate the mile-long factory floor.

Where once Second World War-era B-24 Liberator bombers rolled off the production line, lasers help technicians precisely align F-35 components that have been manufactured thousands of miles apart.

Crates from BAE’s works at Samlesbury in Lancashire are prised open up by Texan workers in baseball caps. Outside the giant factory, brand new F-35s made from the latest high-tech British materials are test flown in preparation for delivery.

‘Without British companies’ involvement the jet would not be in existence,’ explains Lockheed Martin’s Mike Rein. ‘Everywhere the pilot touches is British.’

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