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Mail: "Baseball Caps & Zip-Up Boots As Royal Navy Makes 'Daring Fashion Statement'"

Not necessarily a criticism but the janitors at my high school in the USA wore uniforms and caps similar to those shown in the article.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
I first wore a ship's baseball cap back in 1986 - they've been unofficial for years. Uniform looks better than the US 'aquaflage'.
What's with the sloping pockets on the trousers? Does it make it easier to access them when you're sat down or something, just seems a bit silly to me.

Zip up boots have been around for years, you used to be able to use your laces to fit the zip to the boots, some lads used them when on QRF etc.


War Hero
It is the same as the new PECOC clothing for the army just in the fire retardant blue. The expensive bit is the tooling for making the uniforms, chucking in different colours or materials is easy. Helps save money and having spoken to the Daring lot they like them.


War Hero
My opinion and mine only .I think it looks crap and scruffy .have the baseball cap and new boots if there comfy to wear but the rest ? .cant beat a set of clean well ironed number 8s for been smart


I'm not serving yet obviously so can't say much. Looks aside, who cares really? If the boots/trousers and whatever else is comfortable then great!

But i think the baseball cap is a bit daft though. Never liked them and the peak of the cap can get in the way alot! Absolutely hate trying to look through my camera viewfinder with one on, poor RN Phots thats all i can think! I hope we don't HAVE to wear them.


Lantern Swinger
It actually looks as if some thought has gone into the kit.

Boots you can get in and out of quickly that appear to be properly designed, not some throwback safety boot from yesteryear.

Shirt/trousers that can be thrown on in a hurry. I assume AWD will still be another layer over the top?

A belt, there is a novel idea. cutting edge innovation unlike the pull tabs (which never worked) on the old trolleys and has the added bonus of something to pull somebody out of a compartment or the oggin by.

It would appear that the problem with the material being treated with the fire retardent chemical is still there. Looks like it has he comfort factor of cardboard still as the old No's8/4's did :). No doubt it will crease like buggery as soon as is taken off the ironing board.

As for baseball caps, as long as uniformity is maintained who gives a crap. It's working dress.

And as Guns has said it appears those wearing it like it. What old farts like me think really is of no point in that case.

Next on the agenda the bloody stupid bell bottoms on No1's. Thank you all the crumblie's from the sixties and seventies that landed us with that abomination ;)


War Hero
Been a long time coming. Something functional.

(Ex Ganges rating!!!!!!!!)

Very Australian looking!!!!


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Super Moderator
Looks fine to me. Very Chic. I bet the Ganges brigade are going ballistic.

Not from this ex-Ganges callsign, my only drip would be the baseball cap as I detest the ******* things, I'm sure they suck the intelligence out of people...200 million yanks are proof if needed.


War Hero
Looks good to me too. As pointed out above, we have been semi-officially wearing ball caps for years in hot climates as they protect you from the sun better than berets.

Blackadder D25

Looks a bit warm for gulf rig... my mate Gordys on the Daring now.. need to ask him if it shrinks in the "Chogies" like the last new uniform did lol :joker:
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