Mail BAE 'Held A Gun' To Cameron Re Carrier Without Aircraft


Lantern Swinger
Re: Mail BAE 'Held A Gun' To Cameron Re Carrier Without Airc

Since when have the Tories and the Daily Mail not understood capitalism ?

The contracts were deliberately formulated to ensure the carriers were difficult to cancel (no fusses when that happened from the Tories or Daily Mail) and IF the work on POW does get cancelled what do the Tories (and Daily Mail) think will happen to the BAE jobs ?

The whole point of the last government's plans for shipbuilding was to try to get a continuity of work such that a basic ship-building capacity could be maintained in the UK by doling out work in a measured fashion.

Once the work on POW starts to slow down (whether because of cancellation or completion) then the Tories (or whoever) will need to have other work available for the shipyards (possibly "future frigate", possibly something else) OTHERWISE BAE Shipbuilding will have to close down. (There are other possibilities like "overseas development funds" being used to pay for export orders - but would the angelic Tories do such a deed ?)

Politicans and newspapers/journalists making stupid headlines out of such basic economic facts shows how devalued the modern ideas of publicity are.



Lantern Swinger
Personally I can't see where the gun comes into it.

At the end of the day BAE is a business not a charity; if the work isn't there then it stands to reason they will close down shipyards which means the loss of jobs.

Perhaps they were just telling the PM the blindly obvious, yet the govt want to seem like they had no choice in the matter.