Mail article from Cdre Hussain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimer, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Thank you. It was interesting and an unusual insight to the man. I just hope he actually grasps more about Naval material supply than Uncle Paul did.
  2. I am sure I have seen the same article somewhere else in the last few months
  3. I say well done to the man. Excellent to see an honest article written by the man first hand rather than the usual public relations rubbish. Never met him but looks like he and his family have exactly the values anyone wanting to join the navy should have, well done to him on his promotion!
  4. Was at NBC(P) when the man was running the show and he was a decent enough fellow. It has been suggested that he has a brain the size of a planet and that his management team were often guilty of not being able to keep up with him. Not surprised that he got his second star and I suspect he will get at least one more in due course.

    Anyone know where uncle Paul is off to?
  5. Remember reading it in april , & thought then that it was a very good article , he was in one of the papers a couple of days ago , & again a very good peice , seems like a very good chap :roll:
  6. I have a bloody good second hand raincoat if he wants it.LOL

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