Mail: 21/04/11: Letters: ""Why Not Mention The Good Things Our Navy Does?"


War Hero
"As a soon-to-be ex-member of HM Forces, thanks to the Strategic Defence Review, I am getting a little peeved with the newspapers having a go at the work I have been doing for the past 22 years.

The unfortunate shooting incident on the submarine HMS Astute was a one-off, but it has given the media the ammunition, as it were, to start having a go at all things Royal Navy.

The policy of letting pirates go is not one that the commanding officer of HMS Cornwall made by himself. He works to rules of engagement that are set out by politicians.

What the media ‘forgot’ to mention was that the guns and equipment used by those same pirates were disposed of and the pirates were released in such circumstances that there was no way they would be returning to their pirate grounds any time soon.

I have conducted the same anti-piracy patrols on two of Her Majesty’s ships in the past few years, both of which are being scrapped before their time this year, one of which was HMS Cornwall herself. Also not reported is that the couple from Tunbridge Wells were warned not to sail their little yacht in that area, yet they ignored all advice. Can the taxpayer be expected to fund protection of holidaymakers who were warned not to proceed, but carried on anyway?

The reason for giving the pirates medical attention is a hearts-and-minds exercise devised so the word is passed around the pirate community that the Royal Navy will be fair with them if they board their vessels while at sea and shooting will not be necessary. What the media fail to report are positive incidents, for example the 13 crew members of a vehicle transport that was about to capsize in the Indian Ocean and the bravery of the ships’ company of HMS Chatham – and the pilot who flew his Lynx helicopter in near cyclone conditions to airlift these crew members to safety.

This is not to mention the numerous other seafaring rescues I have encountered in my Navy service.

So, please, can we have some positive reports of military performance? For the majority of the time, it is not the fault of serving members of the Armed Forces but of the restrictions put on them by a Government that still sends us to more political wars and then cuts pay and privileges.

I’m not just talking about this Government – it has been going on for years. It’s a good job we don’t have a union!

Name and address supplied."
BZ that man; but how did that one slip through? Perchance the ex-RAF sub-editor was away at golf with his serving RAF oppos?

Just hazarding a guess - The RN has never been forgiven for that Mary Rose incident, eh......?


Lantern Swinger
I liked that last sentence, "It’s a good job we don’t have a union!".

I'm not sure I would ever have went on strike, but listening to the drips over the years, I'm sure many would have.
In the interests of accuracy, in those countries which do have military unions, the military don't ever go on strike.
Huzzah to the fellow behind the letter. Was impressed to see it in the letters section (not that I make reading the Daily Snail a regular hobby.

It does raise the question as to whether Navy PR needs a kick up the arrse.


Lantern Swinger
What accuracy is in question?
The assumption (to make a point) that military unions = strikes. Sorry to drag off topic! I agree with the letter writer about some of the media's treatment of the RN. Cheers.


No I fully agree with the originators views, what I am attempting to say and maybe I did not make myself clear is to rise above it, as that particular rag IMO is not even worth cutting into squares to be used as emergency arse wiping paper.
I have no idea what you are on about? :confused4:
At the risk that you are having a :laughing2:

1. Sol draws our attention to a letter at post #1.

2. Read all of the subsequent comments.

3. Spot the one which stands out like a Donkey's d1ck.:evil3:

4. Go back to 1. and repeat until it does becomes clear 'what I am on about'.

5. Still no idea?? - Slash wrists and Turn In.

Ermmm - Did I bite? Yes, masticated and regurgitated.:-|

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