Magners Cider

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by geoffg, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Asda in Dunfermline are selling the Litre bottles(£2-69) for 2 quid a bottle. Suppose they are elsewhere too
    geoff(ers) :???:
  2. I don't understand Magners. What's all this putting ice in the glass thing about?

    Prefer Scrumpy Jack anyway.

    Ahhhhh, apples. :smile:
  3. Irish Cider, no way. I love the Guinness and other similar beers but cider, best left to the West country boys.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    all magners is in reality is cleaverly marketed bulmers
  5. It is indeed and when i tried to kill myself drinking it on my brothers stag weekend in cork city a few years ago, thats exactly what it was called! (murphys and bulmers in the same glass. deadly) :grin:
  6. Aaar, that it be! :wink:
  7. Magners cider is crap, for people of no taste, get some real cider....
  8. Ah...cider! Used to drink that scrumpy that was so thick you strained it through yer teeth then spat the shite out afterwards!! Proper job! Used to send me loopy so had to give it up. :evil: :evil:
  9. I'll second that! Magners is to cider what Bud is to beer! :lol: And Slim is right, it's best left to us West Country folk to make the REAL stuff! (Not that I'm biased, you understand) :grin:
  10. Maybe Jesse should be sent of a fact finding mission,him being a Cider expert.
  11. Tried it once, absolutely disgusting and i left most of it - so sweet it must be designed for 12 year olds to encourage them to start early. It's as crap as the bloody adverts for it.
  12. Well I like it and it will do nicely for me because you can't get cloud over here.

    'twas a cider run in Torpoint the night before I went to BRNC that caused some confusion for the next number of years whenever I joined a new ship, and was inevitably asked the question "how do you pronounce your name?". On the first day at Dartmouth, one of the last things we did before they finally let us eat was to have our "official" photos taken, complete with a self completed name board. Pity the hangover allowed me the right letters for my surname, but stopped me from getting the sequence right.
  13. I suspect Magners will soon be consigned to the slop tray of history, along with all the other "fashion" drinks that the brewing industry sees fit to foist on the public every summer. Anyone care to remember...............
    Hoopers Hooch
    MD 20/20
    White lightning
    etc etc.
    All distinguished by having a bland innoffensive taste coupled with a high alcahol content.
    When somebody suggested I try a Magners last summer I predicted that by this time this year they'd be flogging off cheap in corner shop off licences. It looks like I was correct.
    Anyone got any suggestions as to what this years summer fad drink is going to be?
  14. Wife Beater?
  15. Have never managed to pluck up the courage to try Magners, but whilst Morrisons may not be the best in the supermarket business they do have a very nice selection of bottled ciders, including a very tasty one matured in rum casks. Enjoy
  16. Magners is jus clever marketing.............

    from what I can gether, the apples for the cider are grown in Somerset by Bulmers, then shipped to Ireland to make the cider...........

    then shipped back to the UK for easly lead people to drink over ice

    I don't think there are any comercial cider apple orchards in Ireland

    and Bulmers are now selling their own trendy cider
  17. That was my understanding, also. Glad to see EU free markets doing their bit for Carbondioxide limitation and fossil fuel consumption.
  18. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Right, there's some confusion here.

    The Magners that is oh so trendy in the UK at the moment is known as Bulmers in Ireland.

    It is made from IRISH apples in IRELAND. None of this west country malarkey :D

    So Passed & Anchor-you're both wrong.

    The Bulmers that you get in the UK is no relation whatsoever to the Bulmers you can get in Ireland that is branded as Magners in the UK. It is branded as Magners because the brand name Bulmers was already taken!

    Not in the slightest bit confusing!

    More info here
  19. It's the gits who sit there drinking it over ice as if it's something special and not just cider! I have tried something similar, although I didn't look quite as cool pouring a tin of vat over the ice in my missus' empty V&C glass!
  20. Erm, I was just saying that Asda are selling it cheap. Thats all. Dont give a shit whether anyone likes it or who makes it :razz:
    geoff(ers) :???:

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