War Hero
I was walking down the road and saw my Arab neighbour Abdul, standing on his fith floor balcony shaking a carpet.
I shouted up to him, "What's wrong Abdul? Won't it start?"


War Hero
A 3 badge Sea Daddy takes his young sprog down to the paint locker and promises him a magic show. But first the young man must drop his kegs, bend over and brace for action.
"Okay." says the younker and drops, bends and prepares for some prestidigitation.
The 3 badgeman does the deed and the sprog screams and yells for a bit but soon settles down to a gentle wimpering.
At this the Sea Daddy says "Can you feel my finger up your bum?"
"Yes" splutters the Noob.
"Magic!" yells the Old Hand waving both hands in front of the others face.

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