Magic Moments

I was invited up homers to Bristol with an oppo whilst serving at Whale Island in 1970. The bloke he was going to take had gone for a swift 28 in the big house, so I was first reserve but his pash had a friend she wanted fixed up, and I was the sacrificial lamb.
Anyhow on the Friday night we steps out for a jar or two and it kicked off in the boozer. I got dragged into it and ended up drenched in blood, mine and other peoples.
His mum gives us a talking to and tells me if we don't behave, I won't get invited again, so I tells her I am a good boy and it won't happen again.
The night is great on the Saturday and I ended up in a remote bus shelter by the suspension bridge with the young woman, who after ten or so tots looked a bit like miss England. (Well same sex at least)
In morning I awake on the oppos sofa with all the family around and brekkie on the go. I scrape myself up from under a blanket and I say good morning to one and all.
Filthy looks all around and his mum says to me that did I remember my run ashore. Yes I say most of it.
Including the fighting she says.
I wasn't fighting I say, remembering the night of sucking and sighing in the bus shelter.
Then why are you covered in blood she asks.
I exit sharply to throw up and pick hair from my teeth. :oops: :oops: :(

Have you had raw meat?
witsend said:
The blood hounds will be chomping at the bit, which reminds me of a wench many moons ago.
The dit was brought to mind today as I smacked my nose up the raised bonnet of a car I was working on and got a nose bleed. As I take a blood thinning drug (clopidogrel ) I bleed like fuck and it soaked my shirt.
My son asked me if I'd been fighting, and I was thinking about it all evening. If I was a Hell's Angel, I'd red wings. :roll:


War Hero
This didn't happen to me but, early one morning I was rear gate sentry at RM Poole, there was a bus stop just outside the gate. I was bimbling about trying to look all "warry" for the passing civvies and this bus pulls up. Up stands a bootneck, resplendent in his laura Ashley dress and some what torn fishnet stockings. "Fair play" thinks I, he's obviously trapped and doesn't give a fcuk about walking around town and catching a bus in the cold light of day still dressed in a frock. As he gets closer to me he cracks a sheepish grin, the conversation went like this...

"Alright Blobbs.."

"Yeah, good thanks smudge, you trapped last night then?"

"Fcuk did I mate, dirty as hell she was"

"I bet... you went down on it as well didn't You?"

"Hell yes...err how do you know?"

"You just woke up had a slash and legged it didn't you...?"


"Go look in the mirror in the heads mate"

The poor fcuker had a tide mark of dried blood from the nose down to his throat....
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