magic moments - the RN/RM remix

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wompingwillow, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Dad was reminiscing yesterday regarding a version of the song magic moments which went along the lines of:

    I'll never forget the smell of her sweat

    ( actually thats the only line I can remember him singing!)

    he said it was a song that was about a first disastrous date, anyone have any ideas how the rest of the song went?

    Thanks in advance

    P.S did enjoy his revision of remember your a womble
  2. I'll never forget the smell of the sweat from under her arm pits,

    It wasn't the grass that tickled her arse but my little finger

    magic moments..........
  3. What about the Engineer's version to the same tune:

    I'll never forget the Start and Select when we tripped the Oly
    I said, "Oh hell! We've just lost FL.
    Now what do I do Chief?"

    Mach'y breakdowns
    They are just my favourite
    Tune Magic Moments

    I'll never forget the smell of the sweat,
    From under her armpit,
    It wasn't the grass that tickled her arse,
    But my little finger.

    Magic moments, when our two hearts are sharing,
    Magic moments, filled with love.

    I'll never forget the brownhatter I met,
    On Waterloo station,
    He gave me a chew, I'll do it for you,
    Oh what a sensation.

    Remember the night I fell in the shite,
    With me brand new suit on.
    The one that I got for selling the lot,
    Of me Embassy coupons. (1)

    Just for a laugh I went down the park,
    And pissed on the flowers,
    You sat on a rock and played with me cock,
    For hours and hours.

    Magic moments when our two hearts are sharing,
    Magic moments filled with love

    We went to the sea I knew it would be,
    A time of emotion,
    We laid on the sand my prick in your hand,
    I pissed in the ocean.

    We went for a ride, side by side,
    We developed a wobble,
    We fell on the grass I played with your arse,
    You gave me a gobble

  5. B Z SilverFox-HTB :thumbright:

    For purists/memory-laners the (boring) original 'Perric Homo' version:

    Jack used to have quite a propensity for inventing lyrics to the Pops of the day, is he still at it or is that another dying art.......?

    Could be worth a whole thread......
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mod Edit:

    Moved to Lil's, in anticipation of the responses in relation to "Jack versions" of pop records...

  7. Still goes on, my favorite ive heard lately are

    To the tune of bad moon rising:

    I see the TET Rising,
    I see the power turbine break away,
    Now dont flame out tonight,
    Im gonna watch you burn,
    Theres a breakdown on go!

    And more recent

    To the tune of This sex is on fire!

    The ship is on fire!
    Attack party the scene of the fire,
    Support party muster......

    and so on and so on until you get bored or the beer runs out which ever is sooner!

    havent heard any good filthy ones for a while though!
  8. Anyone know the rest of the words to this one?

    At first I was afraid,
    I was petrified,
    An Exocet just flew right down the starboard side.

    Can't remember the rest.

    Edited for heathenous grammar and spelling.
  9. Hands of the mess for rum,
    She'd legs up to her areshole,
    Tiddy back, shiddyback, you can have a look Jack,
    All dressed up inthe rig of the day
    One of the Chatham ladies.

    First on board was the Gunners wife,
    She was dressed in green sir,
    And in one corner of her cnut ,
    She stowed the Magazine sir,
    She stowed the magazine my lad's the Projies,
    And the shells.
    And in the other corner was a pair of PO tells.

    Hands of the mess for rum etc

    The next on board was the Chief cook's wife,
    She was dressed in pink sir,
    And in the corner of her cnut,
    She stowed the galley sink sir,
    She stowed the galley sink my lads,
    The pots and all the pans,
    And in the other corner ,
    Was both watches of the hands.


    The next on board was the Skipper's wife,
    She was dressed in blue sir,
    And in a corner of her snatch,
    She stowed the sea boat's crew sir,
    She stowed the sea boat's crew my lads,
    The rollocks and the oars,
    And in the other corner was,
    The Boot-necks forming fours.

    Hands of the mess for rum, etc.
  10. To the tune of "Homeward Bound" by Simon & Garfunkel:-

    I'm sitting on the railway station,
    Sucking off my pet Alsatian, hmmmm
    Mongrel or Pedigree,
    They all mean the same to me.....

  11. Im sure another verse ended

    Dont tickle my bum Im likley to come,
    All over the carpet

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