Magic mirror


This married lady was just meandering around the flea market. On one of the stalls she spots this very old mirror which appeared to be quite attractive.
She says to the stallholder, "Could I have a look at that mirror please?"
"Certainly, love", he says. "You won't find another mirror like that anywhere. It's a magic mirror that is."
She just smiles and asks the price. She decides to buy it and as the stallholder is wrapping it up, he says, "If you stand in front of this mirror and make a wish, your wish will come true."
She took the mirror home and thinks it will just go nicely behind the bathroom door. So that's where she hangs it.
After walking round the market she is feeling hot and tired so she decides to have a bath to freshen up. Of course, when she got out of the bath, there she is, right in front of her new purchase. She took a critical look at herself and thought, 'my boobs are a bit small.' Then the stallholder's words came back to her so with a bit of a laugh she said, "Mirror, mirror on the door, make my bust a 44." As she said it , there was an almighty flash and a bang and as she looked in the mirror again she had a most gorgeous pair of boobs, standing straight and proud on her chest. She couldn't believe it. She hurriedly got dressed and waited for her husband to come home from work.
When he walked in, of course the first thing that he saw was his wife with with her enormous, comely chest. At long last she was able to tell him exactly what had taken place and told him to go up and have a look at the mirror himself. Only half-believing his wife's story, he took his clothes off and stood in front of the mirror. 'Now let's see if her story is true,' he thought. "Mirror, mirror on the door, make my dick touch the floor" And both his legs fell off.