Maggie and youth parties.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. OK, Maggie, a bit like Marmite, you loved her or hated her. BUT wtf is going on with all these kids having 'Maggie is dead' parties and celebrations? You can just about undertand the extreme left and the socialst workers getting excited, but young kids?

    It is now 23 years since she left power, therefore as I can see it, you have to be around 30 to have any REAL understanding of what went on then. So why are all the 'students' revolting? Pun intended. They are all far too young to 'know' - or is it just that family/regional myths/hatred are being perpetuated?

    All seems a bit strange to me - partying and/or rioting on the streets because a polly has died! No half measures in the UK!
  2. There'll be a bandwagon coming to your area soon, just jump on it and you'll be able to say you danced at the party 'cos you're so hip and politically aware man, like down with Thatcher, yeah.
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  3. Something that has always pissed me of that. It's the same mentality as people who vote Labour/Tory/Monster Raving Loony because their parents parents parents parents voted that way. "My dad hated Maggie so so do I." Bunch of cunts.
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  4. Not really. You don't have to have lived through something to have opionions. Look at the shit Richard III gets, and only a few on here would have lived through his reign.
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  5. Not aTory by any means, but didn't she sort out our pay with a 9% rise around 1979. Sat on the fence with this one as from upt North.

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  6. Not to mention a 25% pay rise after the Falklands to show her appreciation of what the Armed Forces achieved.and btw I am from "Oop North" and personally, I think Maggie got this country back on its feet after all the shit that the Unions and the Labour Party caused in the time before her. "MAGGIE IS DEAD... LONG LIVE MAGGIE" She broke the strangle hold that the Unions had in this country remember all the strikes in the 70's just because the militant fuckwits couldnt get what they wanted ... "Theres no bog roll in the Shitters...EVERYBODY OUT" an excuse to strike for any reason...WANKERS !!!Standing by for incoming no doubt !!! :) :) :)
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  7. 'kinell should've seen the things his old man got up wonder he got the hump !
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  8. [​IMG] ....not wishing him dead or anything.......but I wish to fcuk he'd get off the telly and stay off.
  9. I do agree that you didn't have to live through something to have an opinion (I wasn't born when Thatcher first came into power either). But judging from facebook, a lot of it is just to be appearing to be a way to 'fight the system'- ask many of them what they think of Thatcher's policies and they draw a blank. Real haters, yes. Ignorant bandwagon jumpers, no.
  10. Being from the north east by birth right i should hate the womens guts. But being 21 and thus not really being directly affected by her policies I couldn't give a shit.
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  11. Well said (have a like too!) and that is EXACTLY what I was trying to point out!
  12. I cannot find the passion to hate any figure in history(i.e. before I was born) on the basis of how they've been presented by historians.Many of the great dictators like Hitler and Stalin I totaly disapprove of and detest but I don't hate them.I know the context of Mrs.T's actions as I was alive and an adult with a rough understanding of the politics of the time so I can decide whether I hate or love without having to depend on second hand opinion.
  13. As someone who originates from a mining area I reckon Maggie did a good job in getting rid of King Arthur.
    People keep harping on that she closed the mines, however I never met any miner who wanted his son to work down pit
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  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


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  15. As the saying goes, 'I disapprove with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it' however i don't have to agree with the manner in which you say it nor will I defend that manner to the death. IMHO those that have partied in the street etc etc have done there cause more harm than good..........
  16. I'm not entirely sure they have a cause other than to be twats.
  17. To be honest I don't think it has much to do with a 'cause'. Those partying in the street will represent many different walks of life and will have no common ground other that delight at the demise of Thatcher. Things don't have to be for a cause, it can be because it's just what flicks their switch at the time.

    I think.
  18. I think it's even less intelligent than that. I'll wager that the majority of those partying and putting windows in are doing it just because they enjoy being a pain in the arse.
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  19. Haha, well I never actually stated my opinion on her so less of the condescending wonka meme :p
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