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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know what kind of leadership the navy uses ??? ...a question on RN recruitment on FB .......... Don't think any serving or ex serving matelots know the answer to that!!! Maybe a Sir could let us into the secret:|
  2. The right kind Scouse!

    I work with Percy and theirs can only be described as 'tyrannical'. Threaten then threaten again - Be the Best!!!!! That's a laugh.

    Jack has great self discipline in comparison. Down to the right level of leadership.
  3. The Mushroom method of leadership :

    Keep you in the dark, and feed you on bullshit.
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Depends on who you serve with. The only tyrannical leadership i has was when i was a young 16 year old Junior Leader. When i was a trained soldier, i served in brilliant squadrons where it was much more relaxed.
  5. Think there are good and bad "Ruperts" out there wherever you are. We can all recall CO's that were absolutely brill at leadership and others that would be hard to get followed to the sh*thouse!

    Difficut to define and as the mentality of people is changing perhaps the leadership qualities that the old and bold recognise (me included) do not equate to the modern person.

    I always thought of a leader who earns respect rather than someone who commands (demands) respect but what style that is ?????????
  6. Don't know. However that utter fucking dog turd bollox they teach in RNSLAM ( or whatever they call it) is complete and utter embarrassing wank. POLC was the most shit. Splitting the course in half to collect water from a map. Sounds great, but this was all done in the classroom. What a load of shit.

    Don't know why they bother giving you kit to carry up the mountains. Just wimp out like some sad beefer and they will throw your kit in the wagon for you. Utter,utter shite. I am sure the army do the same!!!

    The best bit is most of the cunts that work there believe all the hype and dribble. Some demented Chief SA spouting of about command and control. Get ya head down you limp cunt.

    As for that Earlstoke cac. Ha fuck off you weird leadership tossers! More embarrassment.

    Apart from that I enjoyed. Well the driving out of the gate bit.
  7. I have been told by most of the pongo's I work with not to base my opinions on Bovington but it's difficult as it's the only place I have to observe!!!! From trooper to Rupert they all lie out of their arses!

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