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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Markpaq, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. I know it's from a Yank site but it did make me laugh.


  2. Brilliant.
  3. Outstanding
  4. ab-so-lute-ly fan-fcuking-tastic shall try and adopt that with the next cold caller that we get.........
  5. Not bad mate , I normaly cut the txxxs off , :twisted: although since joining the telephone preferance service I dont tend to get them anymore , & now that Royal Mail is delivering junk mail , every time I go down St Budeaux Square it all goes straight back in the post box , :twisted:
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I like.....
  7. Brightened up a grey, wet, windy morning at work.....
    Have forwarded it on to workmates
    Thanks :lol:
  8. Nice way to lift the gloom of rain... oh other than the tourists outside who've just got splashed with water by a bus going through a large puddle... :lol: :lol:
  9. I was trying to ring the other half the once and couldn't get through. A minute or so after my last attempt, the phones rings (probably was driving before, i thought). As i answer, i hear a click and a ridiculously over the top Chinese voice starts asking if she's speaking to the owner of the phone. I think it's one of my boyfriend's silly internet sound boards and so i start playing along. In the end, i'm laughing so much, the voice says, "Why are you smiling?", which makes me laugh more. The line goes dead and it wasn't my boyfriend, it was a telemarketer who actually hung up on me. Gutted.
  10. Good shout on the re-posting of junk mail dondon .... I mean it. I have been doing that ever since Sarah Kennedy advised us to do it on the radio.

    Imagine if EVERYBODY did it??

    Good man yourself!
  11. And if it contains a self addressed envelope, bung eveything back in and post it back. They pay the postage.
  12. I hope they get fxxxxxxxxxxg tons of the stuff , must piss the postman off no end , hehehe , :roll: was'nt me
  13. All the junk mail the postman sticks through my letterbox is going back in the post box. However, I'm not going to put it in in dribs and drabs. I'm waiting until I have a massive pile of it and then it's going in in one big mess. Sorry Postman Pat, but if you insist in giving all that shit for me to sort out then you are going to have to wade through piles of crap to find the letters, and then dispose of the junk yourself.

    As far as I am concerned, big red pillar boxes are now junk mail recycling centres.

    At the moment there are limits as to how much of this unwanted crap the royal mail is allowed to deliver to us, but these limits are going to be lifted. Guess what, that just means that there will be more crap that they get back.

    I definately think that this is something we should all do, because if enough people do the same the Royal Mail will have to change their policy. They should stick to delivering proper mail, not junk mail.

  14. Well done mate , nice to see lots of peaple have the same idea , :D
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I think many of the front-line Posties would agree with you that there's too much junk mail - it was only a few weeks ago that there was public outcry at the Royal Mail management suspending one of their posties for telling the public how to opt out of receiving the crap. Personally, I don't think a protest using the pillar boxes will have any effect whatsoever, since the people who make decisions about junk mail delivery are a long way from the sharp end and the likelihood is that they'll never see nor hear of such a protests - all they'll see is management reports stating how many pieces of dead tree have been delivered this week. However, if someone were to find out the addresses of the members board of the post office (they must be publically availiable somewhere) and then at a time and date to be selected a large number of people returned all their junk mail by post (prefereably using a competitor to the Royal Mail) to these people, then they might get the message.

    Incidentally, despite being in Canada, I'm still getting junk mail from my former UK address - its being dutifully forwarded by the Royal Mail using priority airmail - what's worse is that some of the stuff we've received has been the unstamped flyers given to the postmen rather than the addressed/franked stuff!
  16. In addition, I make sure that it's oversize, just to make sure that the company now pays more, even if it means stuffing gash paper in there too.

    Glad to see I'm not the only petty minded one here :wink:
  17. I’m just going to have to try some of these. If it annoys the s**t of someone\company it will be great.
  18. That was exceptional!Im in tears!!!

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