Made me chuckle


Markpaq said:
I know it's from a Yank site but it did make me laugh.



Not bad mate , I normaly cut the txxxs off , :twisted: although since joining the telephone preferance service I dont tend to get them anymore , & now that Royal Mail is delivering junk mail , every time I go down St Budeaux Square it all goes straight back in the post box , :twisted:
Nice way to lift the gloom of rain... oh other than the tourists outside who've just got splashed with water by a bus going through a large puddle... :lol: :lol:
I was trying to ring the other half the once and couldn't get through. A minute or so after my last attempt, the phones rings (probably was driving before, i thought). As i answer, i hear a click and a ridiculously over the top Chinese voice starts asking if she's speaking to the owner of the phone. I think it's one of my boyfriend's silly internet sound boards and so i start playing along. In the end, i'm laughing so much, the voice says, "Why are you smiling?", which makes me laugh more. The line goes dead and it wasn't my boyfriend, it was a telemarketer who actually hung up on me. Gutted.


Good shout on the re-posting of junk mail dondon .... I mean it. I have been doing that ever since Sarah Kennedy advised us to do it on the radio.

Imagine if EVERYBODY did it??

Good man yourself!