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Mad Swedish yachtsman


Lantern Swinger
Good luck to him!!!!! Nice to see there are still people around with the balls to try to do something different.


No radio ! No depth sounder ! No keels ! the guys living a charmed life, good luck to him (he remembered the beer though !)


War Hero
I remember seeing the afroesaid vessel in Gt YArmouth,i was suprised it had made it that far!!!!He is correct though,Gt Yarmouth is a VERY peculiar place!LOL
He's got the adventurous spirit of an Englishman (did some one mention mad cows and Englishmen?). He should get an honorary OBE. He deserves it.


War Hero
I seem to remember some of our war canoes having similar adventures like that....was it the Nottingham that ran aground off Aussie?? and what was the one that hit the bridge in London that time??? and the other that...well you know what i mean!! ( and we had all the technology that this guy didn't!) :? :?
golden_rivet said:
Be nice if the old feller could find a companion for the return trip - she could take a turn at the wheel :lol:

This man has enough challenges and complications without inflicting distractions on him!
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