MAD Pierre !

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by funkycook62, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Mad Pierre! the famous French fighter Pilot goes into a Brothel in Paris ! and asks for the best Whore in the House to be delivred to his Room .

    The girl arrives and Duely strips off and lays on the Bed !
    with That Pierre Puls out a Bottle of Vodka and Tips it over her Lips " and begins to Kiss them passionately " OOOPierre what are you doing mutters the Girl ?

    i am mad Pierre the famous French Fighter Pilot he delivers !
    and pulls out a Bottle of Whisky and tips it over her Breasts and begins to kiss them Passionately" OOOPierre what are you Doing mutters the Girl ?

    I am mad Pieree the famous french fighter pilot he delivers
    and this time pulls out a bottle of Brandy ! and tips it over her fanny" OOOPierre she mutters " but on this note he pulls out a box of Matches and sets light to her Snatch ! OH My God she screams what are you Doing?

    I am mad pierre the famous french Fighter pilot " and when i go down ! i go down in FLAMES!
  2. parts of this joke are missing eh
  3. It looks complete enough from here - Must be your poor eyesight.

    Try reading it again after you have had your Laser Fritter treatment........:hiding:
  4. That retarded 'eh' at the end of the sentence emphasises the fact that you are from the Dominions. I hope you choke on an in-flight hot towel during your flight over here you vile Canuck cunt, and your last memory is of a Matelot pissing on your bulging eyeballs.
  5. I think he likes you, hixie.
  6. The one i know its pierre the fighter pilots takes a pretty girl down to the seine river for a picnic and after talking for a while she says 'pierre kiss me' so he takes out a bottle of red wine and splashes it on her lips before kissing her passionately and after she asks him what the wine was for and he says
    'I am pierre the french fighter pilot and when i 'ave red meat i 'ave redwine'
    and then kiss for a little longer before she says go lower so pierre takes out a bottle of white wine and splashes it on her breasts before ripping her bra off with he teach and kissing and licking them and after she asks him what the white win was for and he says
    'i am pierre the french fighter pilot and when i 'ave white mean i 'ave white wine'
    and so on until the brandy go down in flames
  7. im not canadian i just live in here
    and unlike you im smart enough to figure out that you dont chew on the inflight hot towels
  8. At the risk of being labelled pede-antic ( :wink: ), you have forgotten to add the coda when he reached her FEET:

    best wine to go with cheese? - Google Search

  9. Or the best with Fish??????????????
  10. Thats an easy one - SDOC @ RNC Greenwich they taught:

    'White wine with the Fish ........

    ........... and Red wine with the Chips"


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