mad mental mortars

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by chrisjg84, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. picture the scene, 2 sniper pairs from the black watch are on water towers overlooking the euphrates river about 8k between them approx they see iraqi insurgents preparing mortar devices, so they radio into 40 commando mortar section, instead of using HE they fire alum nearly gave away 1bw positions and made the enemy laugh all that 32 weeks of training joining runs, etc mortar training and they still **** up
  2. The WAAAAAAHmbulance is on its way.
  3. Chris - What the fcuk are you talking about? Is the relevant OC Mor 40 Cdo an oppo of yours?

    Hypothesis No. 2 runs along the lines that at best you're the spinner of a fifth-hand dit, at worst you're talking dogsh#t.

    Let me in on the secret!

  4. 40 Cdo RM were NOT Mad Mental Mortars!! These were 45 Cdo Gp - and by the it is Illum that lights up not ALUM - they put that in the your water - anyway who cares about the Black Watch - the RM had to baby sit them in as they RETURNED to Crater Valley
  5. Now! Now! No slagging the scotties "MAD MITCH" was a fine man.
  6. Yeah a brilliant man but, he was Argyll and Sutherland Highlander regiment
  7. Ah yes. His ever popular kick a w*g week.

  8. often felt like laying into footballers wives and girlfriends myself ...
  9. Boys! Boys! I wouldn't slag off the Scotties, I worked with a guy who was at Crater with Mitch and my uncle served in Aden as a Bootneck - and also I am a Jock.

    Which brings in The Pymouth Argylls - when I worked down in Guz the locals thought I was taking the p*ss when I told them how their Football team got their name.

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