Mad as a hatter

The common saying ' as mad as a hatter ' stems back to the time when hatters , in the process of making felt hats , used mercury . After a prolonged period of inhaling mercury fumes the hatters were indeed ' mad ' as the metal penetrated the brain . Although this way of manufacturing hats is no longer used mercury is present in many forms in our everyday lives and as with the ' hatters ' it affects our health . This is a five minute video and interesting to me as a student ( mature ) of toxic metals. It's worth a look for anyone in contact with mercury or those with amalgam fillings or who eat lots of fish . Could save your life . This is not spam and I have no commercial connection with this website so please accept this as a genuine passing on of a serious health issue TY
Deeply disconcerting...
just one of the many reasons not to put too much faith in dentists. brushteeth
Not only do they rip-you-off but, they want to kill you as well! :thumbdown:
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