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right I am in need of a new laptop so what I want to know if anyone has a mac and are they really worth so much more than a decent pc for around 500 pounds or so?
Because I don't know what you do with a laptop (apart from order buckfast online and look at animal porn) it's hard to suggest one over the other.

I have both and the Mac rocks. I need the PC for work related software. It is possible to run Windows on a Mac, with a dual boot setup, but it's a pain in the bum
Cheers Stix, I'll have a shufty. I have one piece of software that simply cannot run on anything else, but being able to leave the PC at home more is an appealing concept!

Haggis; even you won't be able to keep up with the buckfast deliveries if done via a Mac :D
You can run a windows operating system on a Mac so you get the best of both worlds.

I have never had a Mac reason being im a PC gamer so i need the power, but typing, porn, dvd use etc etc i would go with a Mac, there seems to be a large amount of happy Mac owners than Pc owners.
The main diff is price. with a mac, you get everything, whether you ned it or not. Usually with a PC, you buy basic and add on what you need, OR copy the CD from a mate and download his stuff
if you decide to go for a mac have a look at apple uk type in reconditioned, theres usually quite a few on there with decent discounts, or buy from john lewis where you get a 2 year warranty as opposed to the one year nearly all other retailers give you. I wouldnt go for a pro unless your work is design based.
Which every way you go, don't fall for the 'Mac don't need security software' crap that is blurted around. They are just as vulnerable as a PC but because they are in the minority, there isn't any fun or world grabbing headlines to be made.


I'm a Mac user of about 2 years now and wouldn't look back - no hangs, no crashes, always have about 8 programs open at once without any dip in performance. I use PCs at work and curse them constantly.

Macs are more expensive, but worth it.
How about using Linux? I use OpenSuse with the Gnome desktop.

It really isn't difficult, no immediate need to spend money on extra security software either.
Have you thought of buying a Mac Mini? You can buy one for about £500, and use you’re current monitor, mouse and keyboard.

My son uses a Mac notebook and swears by it, especially from a security point of view. Apparently there are very few if any viruses around that affect Macs. So, you don’t need to buy antivirus software.

I use a Dell laptop at the moment but intend to buy a Mac Mini later this year.

Also, if it helps, the IT manager at my company was a university lecturer in computer science, and he says that the Mac is better by far than a PC.
flymo said:
How about using Linux? I use OpenSuse with the Gnome desktop.

It really isn't difficult, no immediate need to spend money on extra security software either.
No one has the need to spend a single penny on security software - those that do are *******.
I'm a Macateer. Wouldn't return back to a windows environment. I have the iBook and iMac and they are a piece of piss to work with, networked or stand alone.

No crashes, no hang ups and the facility to use windows on the intel chipped iMac. Yes games are limited but thats what PS3 or XBox are for.

If a serving member or a civil serpent, (like me), there are cheap software options. (Like Office for Mac at the princely sum of £12 yup £12.) Microsoft have a deal with MoD for cheap software under a Home Users Scheme. Not at work so cannot assist with web addy.

Mac ticks all the boxes for me.


Lantern Swinger
Once you go mac you don't go back.

If stability and reliability are important to you get yourself a 'tosh. If you still need windows now and again you can install a virtual machine and run it inside OS-X.

I know steve jobs is a cnut but to quote him "Hey, Bill Gates, remember that awesome operating system you made? Yeah, me neither".

plus you can get all those awesome apps that are spamvertised on here. :lol:
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