Mac or PC?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by oberon, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. I use Macs. They were industry standard with photographers when I left the mob and started out. So are you a free thinker (Mac user) or one of Mr Gates girls (PC)?
  2. laptop does run windows tho so gates
  3. If I had to choose, Mac. Nothing's wrong with Linux though
  4. Ubuntu is ok but I prefer my XP Pro Black Edition so there!
  5. Been using a Mac for a couple of years now and would never go back, Vista is just a pile of bloated junk compared to Tiger and Leopard when that comes.... much like a computer geek does that sound?
  6. I have a Fedora server and a couple of clients, XP on a couple of clients and one Vista laptop.

    Vista is crap, it's been enough to convince me to look at a Mac laptop.
  7. We all know that Vista is crap, even Microshaft.
    However XP is now a VERY good piece of software, so thats no excuse for cutting your nose off and buying rubbish like Mac.
  8. I have a computer thingy with a keyboard that refuses to spell in English, is a Mac the same as a Burbs, does it matter, has it got to.......... but i`m losing the thread, must go and lie down for a while and hope that i feel better later. :w00t:
  9. Commodore 128... :thumright:
  10. Hope this isn't going to turn into a my computer is bigger and better than yours things.
    I reckon any computer that can connect to tinternet is OK
  11. Depends what its used for Slim.
    Macs used to be known as being the thing for graphics, but thats no longer true.
    PCs have always been cheaper, easier to upgrade if/when needed and more software has always been available for them. You can even build them yourself. Macs have none of this. They are more expensive with less scope for improvement (if any) and less software. go figure :)
  12. Desk top with XP Home
    Notebook with Vista Home Premium

    Must admit , raised on MS and now difficult to change . Not surprised at the vote though . Annoying with so much variety as more stability in PCs would be easier to keep up with . Bought today out of date next month , bewildering at times :windows:
  13. Hmm, I disagree mate. I built my PC nearly 2 years ago and its still plays the latest games at maximum with no problems. I say games because they are the best way of testing a computers all round ability (graphics,memory,sound,motherboard,network,CPU,you name it, a game will test the lot).
    As for software, most, if not all programs will update automatically to the latest version for free :)
  14. I sit corrected and guilty of exagerating . What you say is true and I suppose it would be more accurate to mention the ongoing changes and improvements , at least through my eyes , that I feel unable to keep up with . Find it difficult to resist the latest gadgets but I'll learn ,
  15. I'm using a Mac for email, music and the like. We use Linux at work though.
  16. Try Telling that to USS Yorktown. Sorry Haven't got the link but It is an Hillerious blog, about how the whole ship was brought to a standstill, not once not twice but many times. BLUE SCREEN the death of 2000.

    Please take the time to read it. it's fun
  17. Binned windows years ago and very happy with mac, only use windows at work.
    Just got a new macbook laptop that can allegedly run windows so being a geeky techie type I installed windows to see if it worked and now I can run windows on a mac though I would rarely see why I would need to unless I wanted to use autocad or something similar at home (not likely).
    Mac's rock, especially if you have no experience, a kid can get a mac out of the box and be on the net sharpish.
  18. I've used IBM types since I started farting about with PC's, but seriously considering going Mac.

    I've heard more good things about Mac's.
  19. Mac! Definitely. Windows is so awfully unstable. You have to faff around with it just so you can get your PC to run it properly. My 7 year old iMac runs OS X Jaguar sweet as a nut. It's only a 350MHz processor but still so much better than any PC I've ever used.

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