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In 1957 in a Co class destroyer the Lower Deck was run by a CPO coxswain. Nine years later a Leander with roughly the same complement rated an MAA. Anybody know why the change?

To my mind thismeant that a useful path of advancement for seaman Senior Rates was closed off and enhanced promotion possibilities opened for the Regulators. At the time PO to CPO for seamen was dreadfully slow and if a seaman didn't get PO pretty early he could end up going to pension before he got his buttons, which did not seem like a good idea. If he did get CPO his counter was home and he didn't have to over-exert himself thereafter .. just spin along to his 22 .. although of course many were made of better stuff.
I believe it was something to do with levelling out the disparity in sea/shore ratio between the Coxswains and Reg branch. MAAs were only carried on cruisers and above, whereas the Coxns I recall went from ship to ship to ship. This also led to RPOs getting drated to CMS as Coxn. Thankfully, I was in boats by the time it all happened, and found the majority of submarine grocers to be far more understanding of Jacks little foibles than yer average Reggie.


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I discovered one way to upset a MAA when on the Tartar in 1966. We had a CPO Coxswain who was relieved by a MAA (First phase of the next commission), MAA comes into the ship's office and was called Swain. I was left in no doubt that he was not a happy bunny. I often wonder where he went when Special Sea Dutymen Close Up was piped.
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