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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jacko90, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. One for the scablifters and afco staff :D

    1. Has there ever been a case where an MA has gone on to become an MO, and if there has, has the Navy (financially) supported them?

    2. Is the only commisioned equivalent of an MA an MO, or is there another that isn't recruited directly from civvy world?

    3. During an MA's phase 2 and beyond training, has any of it become civvy recognised quals?

  2. 2. I know an ex MA who became commissioned in the medical branch, but not as an MO.
  3. Do you know what his title would have been and if it still happens?
  4. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I know of an ex AEM as was who went Naval Officer who went Army officer who is now a Naval Medical Officer - if that helps.
  5. I think they were/are called Medical Services Officers - I have no idea if they're still around. My understanding is that they were/are effectively practice managers 'plus' but no offence intended if I have misrepresented the role.
  6. I think that's correct, but the particular chap I'm thinking of was employed as a Healths Physics type.
  7. 1. Yes, he was a Cdo MA, and is now a MO working with 3 Cdo Bde. I believe he got a Medical Scholarship for the last 3 years of training. Had to leave the RN and then re-join, not an UY.

    2. SUY/UY MAs become Medical Service Officers. They do the higher management of medical stuff that doesn't require a degree in A&P to do. An example is the Med Sqn in Cdo Logs Reg - there are several MSOs running stuff there. Also work in the J4 arena doing Medical Logistics/Planning - there is a Lt Cdr in the Battlestaff doing exactly that.

    3. Not sure. Try the Professionally Qualified forum on arrse for this one.
  8. Just out of intrest would they have he red between there gold rings? Im guessing not but im not sure if its a medical thing or just a dr thing.
  9. ATG- MOs have degrees in a lot more than A&P, which we still refer to as Anatomy and Physiology and not its new funky moniker!

    MSOs do not have red distinction cloth and are completely non-clinical - ie no direct patient care. They used to have salmon pink cloth back when everyone had their own colour, but jumped ship pretty quickly.

    The title "Medical Officer" infers a doctor of medicine. You can't become one by just being Commissioned!
  10. I remember the salmon pink stripe for Med Tech officers etc from my general naval knowledge in at raleigh..... one of those things I can't forget..

    What were the others? Seem to remember there were loads... green for engineering?

    I have never seen any other than the Red for medical/dental.
  11. Green for electrical
    Blue for ordinance
    Purple for marine engineering
    White for supply
    Black for Warfare
    Grey for Royal Corp of Naval Constructors

    PS - Doc, nice bite.....
  12. What has happened to the original commissioned SBA/MA who became a Ward master?
  13. Green was for Electrical Engineering officers (hence 'greenies').
    Pink for Radio Engineers (pinky faggots)
    White - S&S (White Mafia)
    Purple - Marine Engineers

    I'm sure there's more. Exec branch was the only one without a colour.

    Edited to add: Beaten to it!
  14. :D
  15. I know a former SA who took D by P and returned to the RN as a MO. Gen. He spent most of his time trying to get his time as a rating to qualify for his time towards pension.
  16. Oh Oh! Orange is for dentists!
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Orange for Dentist
  18. Don't you mean apple?
  19. Surely apples are for teachers?

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