Hi all,

Probably a question for Ninja, but does any one know the approx waiting time for MA(SM)?
Also whats the current wait time to hear back from DBS NSV for security clearance? I've been waiting 5 months and im still 'In Progress'!



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Can't remember the wait precisely, your AFCO are best placed to advise as they'll know your application dates. I think it's somewhere around 16-18 months for those applying today, but could be mistaken.

SC usually takes about 8 to 12 weeks however those who've been resident outside of UK for periods in excess of 6 months in the last 60 can expect to wait longer, particularly if those countries were not EU, Commonwealth or the US. Other delays can be caused by initially undeclared issues relating to finance or nefarious deeds. Sometimes DBS take an inordinate amount of time for no apparent reason, sometimes they miraculously produce the goods inside a fortnight - predicting the Lotto numbers is easier. In any event, SC will not prevent or delay the allocation of an entry date...unless you have prior military service.

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