Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by glasgowlad1981, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    This question may be already answered but I can't find any info on a search of this site. Anyway here goes.

    I am interested in applying for MA(SM) and have two questions.

    1) given the recent SDSR will applications for MA(SM) be required, or just held in an interested applicant file untill when required?

    2) I have 9 years under my belt as a OM(C) - (AB(CIS) or whatever they are called now. I left 14 months ago to start an educational course but the funding for the course has now been withdrawn. Will this impact on my application positively or negatively?

    3) are these daft questions?

    Any advice would be appreciated and I await the advice of all the AFCO Jedi monks out there.

    Thanks all.
  2. Surely if a question is important enough for you to feel the need to ask it then its not daft. Someone will be along shortly to help you I hope
  3. There are conflicting facts here.

    MA(SM) are currently rated up to LMA as soon as they are qualified on a boat. This is to improve recruiting, allegedly.
    MA(SM) had a waiting time of 28 months, according to the 13 Sept waiting list posted by NS.

    The SDSR seems to have had no effect on manpower requirements in the submarine world, so once the recruitment moratorium ends, I can see no reason why submariner recruitment should not resume as before, or at an even greater rate to make up for the six-month shortfall.
  4. Thanks so far guys. I seen the 28 month waiting list. My main question is as a re-entrant would it be a case that I have had my time and tough luck, or would my application be considered. Also would I be treated to the delights of Raleigh again? Pellow div last time and the old div loyalty still holds after all this time! I have booked a presentation at the afco for next week but I like to have as much info as I can in preparation.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, as Joe rightly states above, we've had no instructions with regard recruiting figures to the contrary.

    Assuming you left the service of your own volition & are recommended further service you need to remember a few things will be taken into consideration.

    Firstly you would probably join as a Part-trained re-entrant, so whilst the Branch Manager may decide you needn't undergo phase one training (then again he/she might) you will be waiting just as long to get a training place for MA(SM) unless a part one trainee MA(SM) "falls over" & you get offered a short notice place.

    If permission is granted, you will join on the AFPS 05 scheme, with an 18 year contract, minus the 9 years already served. You must be able to complete your contract before age 55 or it's a no-go. Your AFPS 75 pension accrued (9/22nds) remains preserved, you cannot carry on with it.

    It may not happen, but bear in mind the Branch Manager, upon checking your stated reasons for leaving, may subsequently decide that because you've already undergone 9 years training, the cost of retraining you as both a submariner & a MA will not see a viable return on the money invested in relation to a person joining for the first time as an MA(SM). It's certainly happened before, so it's worth being aware that re-joining is by no means assured or a right of passage, particularly in light of the SDSR.
  6. Has to be said, I dont envy you folks at the ACFO Ninja. I imagine the job was awkward enough at times without the panic the SDSR has caused.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Rest assured every time the telephone rings, which is pretty much incessant, it's usually a question relating to the SDSR.

    To put it into perspective, I've got 96 'live' candidates at present, who like everyone else are understandably concerned about their future employment. I'm thinking of turning the tables & phoning each of my candidates to ask if they think I'll still be in a job next year. :wink:

    In many ways, we've already implemented cuts by halving intakes, stopping phase one training at Raleigh for 6 months etc., but whether that's enough, we don't yet know.

    Until we're told otherwise however, recruiting continues as before.
  8. Thanks guys,

    I left with the intention of studying an access course to apply for uni as a medical student. I finished my course but found out that due to the recession the numbers of applicants for med school had risen dramatically, as such access course applicant where no longer considered for study.

    I left the RN with a recommendation for further service. I had been looking to branch transfer to MA for quite a while and had completed acquaints at various sick bays with good reports, gaining manning clearance however proved problematic so when I heard about the med school entry course I took my shot. Live and learn I suppose.

    Still I will see what the branch manager says. I am 29 so plenty of time to complete my service before I reach 55. Here's hoping that I will find my way back in but nowadays you never know.

    Thanks again for your advice though, in particular ninja, the AFCOs must be a nightmare to be at the moment.

  9. GL1981

    Am I right in understanding that you have just completed an Access to Medicine course and had intended to apply to Medical School to qualify as a Doctor?
  10. Hi Soleil,

    I completed an access course at EAC with the aim of entering the MBChB course. so yep, doctor. This was at the recommendation of family, friends and so on. I scored 2520 on my UKCAT but didn't get accepted on the course due to an increase of requirements by the university, apparently they had more applicants than usual and became more rigorous with the qualifications demanded.

    This was during the summer. Since then I have been working away and thinking hard about my future plans. To apply for uni next year would be an option but given that next year will be the last one before the increase in tuition fees I expect that year to be more over-subscribed than this one was. After that year the level of debt that a 5 year course would entail is quite horrifying.

    I have decided to focus on my strengths and desires. I desire to work in a medical role, after my sick bay acquaints that became my principle aim. During my access course I scored the best in the physics and chemistry elements. That is what has led me to MA(SM) as it offers the obvious medical roles as well as the added role on board a boat of environmental monitoring. The physics aspect speaks for it's self. Also as the navy had been the most outstanding and enjoyable time of my life, this path offers to me the best of all possible worlds.

    I can only hope that the RN is willing to accept my leaving as a gigantic mea culpa. If not then fair one. However I can only try and hope.
  11. seriously mate, you've been in and know the truth; despite doing important and stirling work, an MA is nothing like a doctor. If that's what you had set your heart on becoming. Have you thought about Naval Nurse? At least that's a step closer.
  12. GL

    Could you have applied to other Medical Schools?
  13. Hi guys,

    soleil, I looked at the other medical schools that accept access course candidates. They are very few and far between. The access course concept is a new one and not many schools are willing to sign up to it yet. Only four schools in the UK where open to applicants from the course. As for nursing, I have considered that choice but have made a choice as to my path.

    As with the MA role being far removed from the doctor role. This I do understand. However I have concluded that as my initial interest (albeit years ago) was the MA branch. This has been a conclusion that I have debated in my mind for many months. The conclusion that I reached was that while I have the capability to study at the level for doctor, the actual job that I initially set my sights on was that of MA. To that end I can only apply and hope. I feel that I can offer a great deal to the medical branch and to serve in that role would mean a great deal to me. (Even if I was having to strip and polish the sick bay flat, hey ex-OM so I'm an expert at that).

    While it may appear strange to go for this role when I had considered a higher one, don't worry guys, I was originally from Glasgow as my name suggests and they are all strange up there.

    Thanks for all the help though guys.

  14. Best of luck mate :)
  15. Thanks scouse you too when you get down to guzz

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