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CheefTiff said:
Although I never served on boats I did spend some time with the V boats when they were new. They were fitted with at least two (that I know of) panasonic toughbook laptops. Although pprimarily used for vibration analysis and condition monitoring, they did seem to get used for more mundane stuff too

Most departments had there own pc in my day, I think our potential scablifter is talking about laptops of a personal nature, now I dont know how possible it is to copy data from a pussers computer to a personal computer but I would imagine that this would be regarded as a potential security hence the need to register laptops?
Jones265R said:
Laptops on boats- Not sure about this they were not all that common when I was in. Im thinking security risk etc, common sense says that the mob would have recognised that people today use them and would have some sort of procedure set up for them. With camera's you used to have to register them so I would imagine the same sort of thing would apply, with perhaps some sort of virus check? Quite an interesting line of thought actually wouldn't surprise me if boats and ships have an IT officer nowadays.

Your quite right, from experience, all laptops/PDA's have to be registered with the ITSyO, IT Security Officer (XO), and when they are onboard they are liable to spot inspections by the ITSyO or DITSyO. You also have to hold copies of receipts and licenses for all software installed on the PC. But this procedure is standards throughout the RN on all vessels and shore bases, just not as strictly enforced.

On my last boat, Vanguard, my dept. had about 22 laptops for work, :wink: , and other depts had a few aswell, at one point there was 83 PC's onboard including private laptops.

Im currently a General Service MA and have served just over 4years.

Dont worry about the Basic Training. Its one of those things that you hate whilst doing it, but look back and feel proud of it.

Dont fret to much about the fitness. It would be a huge help to you if you can pass the Fitness Test and will give you more time through the 8 weeks to do the many other tasks (i.e. kit, revision, etc) but if you are not able to pass it then you will get remedial training to help you achieve the time.

From what ive heard, you now have duvets as instead of the old blankets. And ive heard training is getting easier all the time! lol

Hope it helps

SubMedic said:
Hi guys,

Thanks for your quick responses.

I received my security clearance on Monday just gone and am awaiting my entry date.

Yes, have to do 5 months basic MA training. I will be qualified in approximately 1 year. See:

The only thing I am worring about is the 8 weeks basic training... I can't wait until that has passed.

In the fitness test, I ran 2.4 km in 11 Minutes 55 Seconds. It started with walking and the fitness instructor asking me if I want to warm-up or go straight into the run... after taking about 20 seconds to decide.. I said "I'll just go for it". What a waste of time!! My fault..

Are all the fitness related tests taken within the first week of entry?


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