MA Preperation



I joined up as an MA earlier in the year and am about half way through my 12 month waiting period now.

I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of any reading or useful knowledge I could acquire before I begin training for this role.

What level of knowledge of anatomy and physiology and "stuff" does an MA need to have?

Just trying to give myself a headstart :)

Hello rust, Welcome to RR, yours is an interesting but confusing first post

ahem: it is not 'Preperation' but 'Preparation' (as in 'Be Prepared').

Also: <<< I joined up as an MA earlier in the year and am about half way through my 12 month waiting period now..... >>

If you have 'joined up' what 'waiting period' are you 'about half way through' ?

But if you are 'about half way through my 12 month waiting period now' then surely you cannot have 'joined up as an MA earlier in the year' ??

My guess is that perhaps you have been selected for entry as an MA, now await an entry date, and are looking for guidance on 'required reading'.

Clarify; then perhaps a kindly Medical Branch person will pop up and give you a pointer or two.

Pedantic? A big YES, but Jolly Jack, Jackie and Jenny all need to know that they are in good capable hands when fronting up for front-line medical care: such as acne, crabs, hangover cures, PMT, and VD in all of its colourful and exotic guises.
So why not gain a headstart by becoming an ace expert at those everyday conditions first?

Oh, and please be a little better 'prepared' when posting here in the future: RR relishes in shredding newbies apart in the name of 'Banter', the RN's bloodless but sometimes painful bloodsport....



MA? Ah yes! I saw on the news about that navy medic who won a medal in Afghanistan. Forgot her name though-Kate something. Congrats to her.

I've got a degree in biology and did loads of anatomy and physiology modules on my degree so perhaps I should have done that. However, I didn't get offered this for a trade, so maybe I didn't score high enough on my RT.

Going into medicine would be cool but not as a medic though.


Perhaps, just as what I do with my First Aid. Learn things like: Hypoxia; Shock; Blood loss; Internal Bleeding; Symptoms of Heart Attacks; Anaphlatic Shock; head injuries (dilated and fixed pupils); fractures; Hernias (very common where I work - especially strangulated ones); bones; arteries (aorta).

That's what I've done - but I'm a mere First Aider atm. All good to know though.
Alfacharlie said:
Good to know limbs. Such as legs (left and right), arms (left and right), hands and feet.

I hope this helps.

Also need to know the 'Hold someones Nuts & ask them to Cough Please' technique.

Practice with friends at first then with every stranger you meet at their or any public convenience.

Results Guaranteed, trust me.


War Hero
OK,if you want to prepare with your Anat and Phys,i suggest you go to WH Smiths and buy

Grays Anatomy(its a weighty tome but useful)

The Anatomy Colouring Book

The Physiology colouring book.

Now befroe you start thinking i am taking the piss,i'm not.The Colouring books enable you to learn your A&P without really trying.As you go through the books you sort of absorb the information.