MA Naval History (Exeter) / MA War Studies (Kings College)

Re: MA Naval History (Exeter) / MA War Studies (Kings Colleg

er why? I replied to Cutter but as yet haven't heard what he wants to know. What do you want to know?
Re: MA Naval History (Exeter) / MA War Studies (Kings Colleg


I haven't done either, but I have done the KCL MA in defence Studies at JSCSC. Both Exeter and King's are good schools, but the difference between the 2 courses is likely to be found in their titles! The War Studies MA will look at War in its broad sense, whereas the naval history MA is just that - limited in scope. It depends on what you want to do!!
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Hi All,

Thanks Golden, I've just PM'd you.

I'm really interested in the (realistic) options available to the graduates of these courses. I realise to forge a career in naval history I will have to study to Phd level but it would be nice to hear what people did with themselves and how they found the course.

The choice between the courses is not as simple as one might think. Both spend one of their 2 semesters on a large generic history module to teach the broad skills. The King's course then offers naval option modules with more modern subjects such as the Soviet navy (the Exeter course only covers the eras of sail and steam).

King's also has the The Laughton Naval History Unit, set up by Prof. Andrew Lambert, one of the most prominent naval historians around.

Plus it Kings College, and it's in London where I live.

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If I was you I would go to Kings, as it is in London! It is a great place ot be a student as you can find lots of work etc.

I would also consider joining the RNR at HMS President to give you an modern insight into the subject.
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I think U_P is right about the difference being in the titles. Having said that the course at King's can I think be constructed in various ways so you can do your bits with Naval Specialisation or whatever takes your fancy. The staff there are also keen to point out at every opportunity that it's not a Military History course. War Studies/Conflict Studies, call it what you will, its like International Relations but without the dreary technical theory (oops heresy!) a friend of mine said if you say the course title to many people they think you are either a spy or a Fascist. Who cares! I think the suggestion to join the RNR is a great one - I've gone out of my way to seek out circumstances (like this forum) where I can get a better understanding of the experience of service persons. Having said that if you do it full time its bloody hard work - you won't have much spare time for about a year.

Good luck whatever you decide

GR :thumright:
Cutter, I've a mate who did the Kings course years ago and went on to be a researcher for a very senior Tory. He's since joined the FCO and last I heard was trotting around the globe. I recall at the time that he thought the course was very good and the lecturers and speakers that came in were top quality. It is probably best to contact the respective departments and discuss the alumni with them, as most unis will try to keep tabs on where their grads end up.

Personally, I've looked at the Kings course as something to do when I retire and want to keep the little grey cells going. Good luck in your selection!
Unfortunately I can't join the RNR. I was ruled absolutely and forever by my eyesight when I went for RN full-time.

What did you end up doing after the course GR? Any of your colleagues move in to a related field?

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