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Hello Everyone

Any suggestions……I applied to be an MA in general service back in March last year and have been told that my start date will hopefully be December this year. Whilst i am working at the moment I am wondering if there is any suggested literature that could help me in phase two (and yes I know I still have to make it through phase 1, but thought I should think ahead)

Sorry for the long message
I personally wouldn't try to get too far ahead. You will be taught all you need to know and there will be quite enough study material to keep you busy. Perhaps your best bet would be read around the subject of medicine in its widest context; but remember you are not going to be a brain surgeon. Read about basic care for the patient; feeding, bathing, turning , etc etc, and above all hygeine, especially personal. There are enough dirty nurses out there spreading nasty infections. Keep it simple. Battlefield heroics will come later!
Thank you Wardmaster! I have to be honest and say the main reason was not to get ahead (well prehaps a little) but mainly to keep me interested, as it has been such a long wait and December stilll seems so far away! Although i know it will fly around! After having attended the RNAC my place of work is the last place i want to be! Thank you for your advice though and i will search Google for some general medical information.
The Ambulance Technicians Manual, its 1 of the documents they are using in Common Corps now, and MAC Manual if you can get 1, just revise Anatomy and Phyisiology though
There are 2 excellent books available for your edifacation and enjoyment.The Anatomy Colouring book and the Physiology Colouring book...ok it sounds childish,however the idea is as you go along colouring in the various body parts and systems you learn almost automatically.They do work,likewise if you paste up pages of stuff to learn on the bog walls and door its amazing how quickly you learn whats up there,when i was a student nurse i shared a flat with an RMN student and he had stuck The Mental Health Act all over the door and walls of the bog and within week i knew the act by heart!!!!!

It might be wort doing some first aid stuff as well just for basic grounding.
Edification? Anatomy? Physiology? .... Oh!!! Colouring in books. I was a bit worried for a moment and there I was thinking you were becoming all clever andy.

Andy is quite right; everything follows from anat and phys. If you don't know where it is and what it does you can't do nuffink abart it! However, I will give you two top secret remedies which you should not tell to another living soul; first, an aspirin strapped to the forehead with tape will cure just about anything. If that fails, keep a supply of white tablets (it matters not what they are, anything non-dangerous), dye several batches with different coloured food dyes, keep them in separate bottles and give one or two to the patient (especially the Sick Bay Ranger with medical documents a foot deep) with the information that they are the latest drug on the market and you really shouldn't be giving them out BUT they are 100% guaranteed. Now remember, you didn't hear it from me.
Further to Wardmasters Handy hints for the Successful MA,might i suggest some "Firey JAck" ointment,a panacea for all ills,no matter what the complaint, a liberal application of aforesaid Ointment to the genital area will effect a miraculous transformation.You wont cure the patient but it WILL take their mind off their current problems.

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