War Hero
German Tender (converted minesweeper). Either Hele (ex - M135), Wacht (ex - M133), Delphin (ex - M108), Frauenlob (ex - M134) or Jagd (ex - M82).

Displacement 525tons (Jagd 500 tons), 184ft length, speed 16 knots


Lantern Swinger
M 133 1916 - 17 . Became tender Wacht 11th March 1928; then R-boat tender Raule 24th August 1939, then M 533 in 1940. Collision 9th May 1942.

Why are you looking anyway?
thanks for that, I did find thaose pics but they look nothing like the picture I brought from the charity shop ( for a bargin price of 75p) Next time I'm in cadets I will take a picture of the picture so you can see what I mean!

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